Divine Retribution (A) 9/9 M BoD 4/8 M EP

We are opening recruitment again, looking for a couple more raiders to join us for Eternal Palace

We would really like another Boomie or Warlock, however we would be happy to consider other dps classes as what is most important to us is that you are a good fit for our team.

You would need to be available to raid the following evenings:

Wed: 7.45 - 11.30
Sun+ Mon: 7.45 - 11.00

All times are server time.

Your Experience: Ideally you will have cleared Heroic raids on a regular basis and have at least some experience in Mythics. What we are looking for is some evidence that you can play your class well while handling Mythic mechanics and show a committment to raiding as part of a team. More important than anything is that you WANT to play the game, even when the expac isn't that great! If you love WoW and have a committment to end-game raiding, some proven skill at your class and a willingness to learn, improve and go that extra mile.. then we'd love to talk to you. Contact me in-game or Bnet: Ellz#21767, or reply here


Please note that if you visit the site, Weekly Updates are there every week, but may not all be visible unless you are registered. We are here, we are alive and we ARE kicking :D
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Only looking for ranged at the moment. Lock/Ele Shammy/Hunter or Spriest. You will need to be 370+ to join us for Mythic progress and available the nights indicated above.


I am a ranged in the guild, we are nice.

Come join us, we need more people to soak out here :slight_smile:


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I’m melee, and we’re also nice :smiley:

Still looking for more ranged to join our wonderful guild!
Not convinced we’re the right guild for you? Here are a few points that might change your mind:

  • We’re an established guild, been around for 7 years
  • Three nights of raiding per week with loads of fun and progress
  • We have the best GM there is!


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I am also a melee
It’s fun here you should tag along

also we’re totally 7/8 now ;]

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I am heeler, it is the dankest guild there is. IN THE UNIVERSE!

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is the raidtimes in the morning or in the evening?
19.45-23.30/23.00 (in the evening)
7.45-11.30/11.00 (in morning)

Raids are in evenings.

sady those raidtimes doesnt work for me, so I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming battle!

Do you like tabards? Guess what!
We have one of those generic guild tabards! For free if you join us! YES FOR FREE! You only have to give us your soul and join us every raid evening for the rest of your life!
Join Divine Retribution NOW and get access to some of the best dad jokes you can imagine!

But in all seriousness, I’m ranged and recently joined when BFA launched. Have had nothing but good times and some good progress! Don’t be afraid if you’re just stepping foot in mythic or are a veteran, there’s a possible spot for you here! :wink:

Blackshadows (Lock) Here…

Awesomeness Ranged Need!!!
Bring/Starter your adventure with us!

melee kitty cat here, this guild is da bomb so don’t miss the opportunity to join!

Still looking for a couple more for Battle of Dazar’alor.

Come have a chat!

Been with this guild for a number of years now (since Draenor) and it has always gone from strength to strength.
It’s a great place to be and we have a nice team here.
Give us a message if you are looking for a good guild with decent progression.

Teamed up with these guys fairly recent but its a place to call home definatly! Great people and good raiding!

Been here for all of uldir and its been a load of fun, would recomend for solid and fun progression

Lots of Guild do recruitment posts saying how great they are… but members of this guild are replying here cos its not just our GM who thinks its a great place to be! I only joined during Uldir, but the Mythic raiding has been great - both fun and great progress. I love the company here and actually… everything here is really good. So if you wanna get some good Mythic progress in Battle, with great company - then get in touch with Ellz !

4 Years in and counting! Could not have imagined WoW being so much fun without this guild. As said earlier progression is super fun and serious at the same time. How we manage to make mythic progression so much fun is beyond me, but it is the best! Come and join us if you are looking for a great environment to have fun and progress mythic at the same time :smiley:.

4/9 Mythic BoD… and counting!

Have some spots free - all updated in the original post.


A very reliable and nice guild, always there to help and best GM and officers :slight_smile: