DK Nerf is too much

Death strike already has a 25% base nerf in pvp combat ( since BFA )
and now with the added 50% nerf

currently our max healing is 11.8% max hp with 1 death strike
with these nerfs i dont have to be a mathematician to tell you it will not be worth spending 40runic power to heal for 5.9% max hp with death strike in pvp combat

and thats not factoring the DPS loss and melee range required to use it

can someone please either revamp the way DK is healing or slightly adjust the nerfs, 50% is way too much, maybe look at giving us Death siphon back and removing death strike as a healing option for unholy / Frost

for those that dont know what DEATH SIPHON is , it was a 30yard 1 rune cast that healed you for 10% - 15% hp during WoD

a rune is far more expensive than RP , so it would net a dps loss but it would be easier to balance considering death strike affects Blood spec



i played against some 2.4+ dk´s and they heal with one deathstrike 95k and in a 1minute game they had 950k healing

ye ye, dont nerfe dk, 95k heal on a Death Strike is fine, u need 3 peoples in a bg, to kill a Death Strike spamer dk, y its so Balanced and not op u re right :clown_face:

ye dk is unplayable now, we have to reroll on dh, we already know it.

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death strike base healing isnt the problem with the healing,
our healing is from absorbs such as spellwarden

need i remind you in order for me to heal i have to be in melee range and it only heals DAMAGE TAKEN in the last 5 seconds

im happy with them nerfing it by 25% but 50% is silly

  • to add here, i also mentioned in my post, they could remove death strike and replace it
    you should be applauding me

i dont think, remove death strike would be a good way, i dont know how hard the other nerfes are, because i never played Range Classes, i agree, those nerfes are to much, and i would be fine with an 30% death strike nerfe

but i cant understand why peoples act instantly like that, if something getting nerfed “its unplayable” mby we should wait until the season is out.

pvp is mainly balanced around 3s tho and we really not need more offheals in that game

rogues dks warlocks healing more than hybrid classes sounds wrong


Man I love playing like a god, spamming Regrowths and Swiftmends on my teammates all game, nearly using Frenzied Regeneration on CD, and then just see the DKs with 1-2 million more healing done in the BGs.

They had it coming. Wish they would not forget DH and especially Warriors which feel like even worse than DK. 105k Impending Victory, 80k Bloodthirsts, and dont get me started on Warlocks. I legit fought a demonology today on my cat that wouldnt cast anything while not taking any damage and his Fel Guard with Fel Storms soloing me no sweat. 10/10 experience.

Just checked my details, avg death strike healing is 72k. On 400k Health Pools. Ontop of Will of Necropolis, Spellwarden, AMS, AMZ, Lichborne, Death Pact, Ghoul Sacrifice and Plate. If I am lucky I crit that much with Swiftmend on a 15 sec cd. :joy_cat:

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Not a DH fan at all but the demon proc nerf may be bigger than what we think it is. It’s fine to let them have big dam as long as they die

On topic : yes dk nerf is overkill they’ll most likely revert some

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You should try DH without Fodder of the Flame in BGs. Makes you actually realize how paper thin they truly are when their bugged Blur one day gets adjusted because none of their weaknesses got fixxed by that bandaid ability.

Definitely cant wait to see Mvq just run 24/7 again on Stream when Demon Form is on CD because DH is glass when Fodder gets gutted.

Just stop playing DK, I did the same… reroll some more FOTM class.

Time of DK was short, and it is over.


Got to be sarcasm right? Seems like a l2p issue if you can’t keep people alive against DK damage.
I can outheal one when afk.
Deadknights are useless.


guess u should wait for season start and play against herocleave or do wargames against herocleaves

not saying its the besr or op but for sure S or A+

[S]WAMP Tier.

ah yes swamp tier one of the best meele celaves rn

dk has synergy with one of the best DPS and healers rn

Blood DK just got another 37% nerf to death strike healing

Senergy is good, but it no longer survives any burst. DK was good because it was never being targetted for long time.

If you get targetted, you spam deathstrike give up all your dmg untill enemy gets tired. Now you just die lol.

DK was good because it was never being targetted for long time? wat

anyway if u get targetet and spam deathstrike to give up all your dmg hmm… idk mant hat sounds really 2k peaker talk

anyway dk is fine i saw some wargames now with DK and it still A Tier in 3s atleast

In 2s its anyway Feral,DH,Rogue since its FOTM ladder

and also i hope they keep nerfing the other offheals from specc aswell only hybrid classes should be allowed to heal so much

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I doubt it it’ll be B tier most likely in 3s and A tier in RBGs

how can it be B tier if they can play herocleave and spdk in 3s? and have the ability to play with dractyr healer and mw monk? they can play with the best speccs rn

also they can play with demo locks

By that logic nearly everyone who ain’t S tier can be A tier because they can get carried by A tier specs

Was Frost DK A tier spec in 3s in Shadowlands S3 and 4 because it could play with WW monk or Fury Warrior?


congrats eridu u understand how 3v3 arena works since its about Comps viability not classes

we are not in RBG or 2s where u do FOTM class stacking