DK unholy Ghoul disappears when flying a mount

So I’ve been playing the Death Knight on PTR and I’ve noticed that unholy DK permanent ghoul, disappears when you fly your mount. Normally when you touch the ground and dismount, the ghoul should get the “crawling out of the ground” animation and re-appear.
In this case this does not happen, and you have to use a reagent to summon him once again. Which can be annoying when you mount up and fly to get to the next enemy.

There was a few hours where my ghoul kept re-appearing. But later reverted back to the Ghoul not coming back, even when changing zones (outland to azeroth).


Yes I have noticed this issue to

Yeah I have this as well, it was working fine for me up until last night and then this glitch suddenly started happening. I even went and reset my talents in case something had gone wrong with them. I hope it gets fixed soon because it’s incredibly annoying.