Do druids become faster casters at max level?

This is my 2nd or third time trying a druid, but I’m kind of bored of how long it takes to load spells. I enjoyed mage a lot more so far, but I have a max level mage so I cannot really compare to a 20-40 level druid. It’s just the overall casting experience doesn’t feel as satisfying, and having to shapeshift into a moonkin isn’t really that cool when I want to see my transmog more often. :smiley:

Depends on haste… but to me it’s also a pretty boring rotation. I found my peace in elemental shaman.

I’ve never tried Shaman, but I’d like to be a night elf so it’s not really an option atm. I’m thinking of continuing my Night Elf mage but not sure if that makes too much sense lorewise

I see :thinking: You could also try making a trial boomkin to see it at max level. I’m not much of a lore person, someone else will have to asnwer that. If you want a more “exciting” gameplay then it’s mage for sure.

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You need a basic amount of haste, which comes with the right choice of gear as usual. Am at somewhat 21 % rn. Also, your solar eclipse will give you 15 % haste bonus on wrath whereas lunar eclipse gives you 15 % on starfire. With all your talents set in appropriate ways and proper gear, the casts won’t feel slow anymore on maximum level as long as you keep up your rota.

Have you ever seen the cast-time of a hunter? :smiley: except for that aimed shot, don’t look at that

highfives in 2.2 sec cast time


Makes perfect sense since the Shen’dralar and Kaldorei reconnected.


I don’t think you’ll like druid much if you are not a fan of shapeshifting in combat and want to see your night elf instead.

Druids become so fast at casting that you can cast 4 spells a second for 4 seconds every 2 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah passive haste increase to rogues and feral druids at level 60+ plz
and even more at level 70

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