Do horde ever win this brawl?

I just wanna do the weekly and it’s getting ridiculously annoying. Like 20 tries no win… This bg is obviously broken in favor of alliance.

I’m like 38 brawl 34 wins as alliance. But I queue 5 players.

nop why just tresh at it players bg ar tresh unless russian farm team u wont win might aswell pay some them for daily win lol

Huehuehue. I was so lucky on this new brawl and win it everyday, even against Ланабеникова team. And yes, he was together with his duelist/gladiator friends.

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Come with winrates if you played over 100 bgs so far this brawl with over 80% winrate. You only played 2. And some of your alts dont have any win either.

ye ye cen que up premade rendom so i cen win for 1 not lose groups totday terrbol players cleuless

I have had a friend on horde team like 7 times who is raiden-stormscale’s friend. He was complaining he cant queue alliance for this brawl for short queues and waiting in queue all the time.

Actually he is carrying horde team every deepwind brawl with 14million damage. We face him every day for 5 times and I talk to him from battlenet friend list.

Nobody plays without friends.

Fairly. And thats why i said i was lucky on this brawl.
Regarding queues on horde for this brawl - when i que alone i was waiting for 15-20 minutes and when i que thogether with firend we were waiting for 25-30 minutes.
When playing on alliance ques are very fast on all bg’s.

My hero of the horde friend queued mercenary with deepwind gorge specific bg queue tonight. Because you cant queue brawl mercenary. There is a trick if you want to do achs faster.

And we farm only brawl with the gladiator/hero of the alliance/duelist premade you mentioned. But some wins with market doesnt count towards achievement. If they did, we would have gotten deepwind gorge master achievement long ago.

We made some ticket to blizzard that some wins with market doesnt count on achievement. They said they are trying to fix it.

We got approximately 20 wins a day. Which is 80% winrate. But couldnt get achievement because of bug.

That gladiator premade you talk about and I only collect pvp achievements. Thats why every deepwind bg almost I’m there.

sad part is thet players are bad dont know how peel u need play bg as areana most dont so theny dead like plebs

We had Korrak’s Revenge and now it is your turn. Enjoy.:grinning:

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