Do the devs even play the game?

So i resubbed.

Yeah that was my first mistake.

Mainly down to boredom and with the festive period i thought id sub again and do some pvp levelling to just chill. Chill i most definately did not.

10-19 bracket ruined by twinks abusing debuffs
20-29 bracket again ruined by f2p veteran twinks
30-39 slightly better but completely dominated by fury warriors with crusader enchants making them unkillable and topping healing done
40-49 dominated by a group of sad level 60 players who have purposely level synced so they can dominate easily with covenant spells etc. Its a bad joke.

And thats where my toon is currently parked. I mean i dont know what to say ive only been subbed for a week and i feel like im depressed already with the absolute state of the game. Now i know people will defend it and say its irrelevant as its not max level so isnt balanced (lol) but the complete lack of thought and polish to the game mode across the board is nothing short of a disgrace. How is a new player expected to enjoy this kind of experience? Its just weird.

I thought i might actually have some fun levelling up through bgs and then be hit with the sobering grind at 60 to grind honor gear then slowly get conquest gear, get legendary, grind conduits etc but no im not allowed apparently. I cant even enjoy the game in even the levelling up process.

I know this is a rant but cmon the devs can and must do better than this. I would love to see a dev start a new account or a new toon and try and level through pvp. Its very clear they do not play their own game at any level.


Its boring to play something which you created… There is no fun if you know what to expect after every corner.

Its like when you poop… you dont flush it but take it back inside your hole and poop it agan. Something like that.

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Thats exactly what they did; pooped into our throats and they didnt even flush…

They dont play WoW PvP. They dont have enough devs to even begin to understand PvP or how to fix it.


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