Do we have any details about adons


classic wow is based of a older legion client, so in theory legion addons should work, so what do we know so far?.

(Shogath) #2

Watch the Classic Panel at Blizzcon 2018. It’s all there.


We dont know anything so far. Nothing about addons are confirmed.

This is what they said about addons at Blizzcon 2018:

(Cedrad) #4

Addon Api will be more limited because they are gonna remove functions for things that are getting removed like transmog, pet battles, collection, etc.

Maybe they will remove some more functions that weren’t there in vanilla but it’s just a speculation.


We would need alot of addons for classic. Maybe 10-20 or something.

(Shogath) #6

To get rid of the Vanilla gameplay and impose a more Retail ease, speed and feel to it?

Yeah… 10-20 at the very least. Or maybe just 1 very big elaborate one… :open_mouth:

Lets hope the addon brewers get cracking asap. Wouldn’t want to be stranded in that anti QoL hell for too long… right?

(Cedrad) #7

There are already plenty of addons for 1.12 private servers that replicate some QoL stuff like group finder, quest trackers, etc.


Private servers don’t have neither the tools or the motivation to make those kind of ADD-ons unsusable.

(Basyxqt) #9

I think having an addon that existed and was used back then by players is fine.

Adding more, that’s a no-no.

(Shogath) #10

I’ll (have to) settle for that… i’d be a bit more millitant about it though. :wink:


If they can’t make it work i have an alternative solution though … :smiling_imp:


Yeah we would need that group finder addon for sure that was back then and alot others. Agreed.

(Trajan) #12

So decursive and healbot in their full Vanilla implementation are fine but modern and far more limited addons are not? I like your dedication to nochanges but this is a little too extreme for Blizzard.

(Basyxqt) #13

Players having addons wont affect ny gameplay, so if blizzard allows addons or not, still going to enjoy my game.

People wanted vanilla because of the gameplay it had, so altering it with new addons well, it’s changes the game imo.

I would prefer to be like exactly it was, but still if it isn’t, people can decide to use addons or no.

I may not like it, but if they exist, can’t dictate what other people do!

(Lantiia) #14

I believe there was a group finder in Vanilla.

It was called a guild.

(Trajan) #15

Well we pretty much know what it is going to be based on just what was said at Blizzcon. It won’t be like Vanilla because there were addons that were just one button away from being full on bots. They also won’t ban addons completely. Nor will they author addons themselves.

So all that remains unclear is exactly what addon functionality will be available. Chances are that most addons that can be made in BfA will be possible in Classic.

(Basyxqt) #16

Well, then just let’s wait and see how it will be.

Haven’t read many things about classic release.

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