Do you follow your professions by the class?

I mean if you are a Warrior do you choose Blacksmith and Mining or do you choose other for farming or something?

Doesn’t matter, you can do what you want. The only reason you’d want blacksmithing as a plate user would be so you could craft your own gear, but crafting gear hasn’t been too relevant in the latest expansions. Most people pick their professions so each character does something different, farming professions and the like are mostly to make easy gold.

I’d suggest going for a profession that suits your play style and/or your needs. :slight_smile:

Here you can find a guide with an overview of each profession in Battle for Azeroth. It could be useful to decide which ones to pick!

Depends on the character and it’s purpose.
On my raiding characters I tend to go for professions that will benefit the character.
On my farming/crafting characters I just go for whatever profession I need.

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