Do you think being bought by Microsoft will improve Customer Support?

And the smart thing to do (as CS) is at least processing the report and do something about it. Not just slap some wrists because bad words.

Once again, is something being done about a proven griefer atm ?

Proven griefer by whom?

Griefing is one of those things that is hard to prove. Not everything that an individual considers griefing is even punishable.

Things that are breaking the rules are reportable, most commonly by right click in game.

By himself, because he thought clever to film himself while doing the grief. (i wonder how he get this sense of impunity ?)

You would know if you looked just one sec at the evidence provided.

I’m sorry I thought this was a discussion about Customer Support.

You were actually wanting to have a discussion about your previous topic?

I don’t mind coming back to the subject, we can talk about the hundred of spammers seemingly reported each days that we still find on LFG ?

Will this stop with Microsoft or are we doomed ? (to be polite)

We’re Doomed! (in a Scottish accent)

When Microsoft own the company don’t expect much to change.

Have you ever contacted Microsoft customer support? Blizzard’s customer support is much better.

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Microsoft for sure will demand that each games has individual support, instead of the “omni-support” Blizzard has atm due to money cuts in the past.

I did a few years ago and the guy on the other end of the line, when I could understand him, helped me.

I expect the support to be moved to the same place as Microsoft’s is, India.

I went back to the linked thread, which I can see I responded to because it wasn’t something the CS forum could help you with. I also just gave a heads up that naming and shaming is not permitted.

It seems you found a video online, this wasn’t even something that happened to you. However the people in any content the player was doing would have had the power to remove them from the BG if they knew what he was doing.

AFKers and timewasters have always been an issue in all content and there are in game tools for us to deal with it. In BGs the most sensible thing is to remove players who do this, the problem is getting other players to help evict someone. If enough people afk report someone they will get removed.

For example it was incredibly frustrating the first year we got the Korrak’s Revenge Anniversary BG event. When mercing/or playing Alliance none of the Alliance seemed to care that people hide behind the bunker and afked their way through. Even though those players glitsching through the wall to hide behind the bunker were just leeching XP and levelling up while they hit a turnip or other toy.

In five man content it’s easier to remove someone who is afking because it has a far bigger impact and is more noticeable if someone is on follow or not playing their character.

As for the LFG tool, we have the means to report people with right click, most of the game is based on right click report. Initially the change to require an authenticator had some impact but I’m not sure if that lasted or not. There will always be people breaking the rules, but the Blizz way relies on people reporting them.

I hate companies that move everything to India, I know it’s cheap but it’s awful support.

I usually have a good ear for accents but for some reason I have a difficult time understanding a Southern Indian one.

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