Do you think Classic Fresh realms will be successful?

If Blizzard does implement Classic Fresh realms, how successful do you think they would be? After all, many original Classic players have moved over to TBC, and some others have gone to private servers. Do you think Fresh realms would sustain enough of a player base for them to be viable?

Personally, I think that with the right combination of realm merging and minor QOL changes, Classic Fresh would be able to sustain a reasonable population, but will never reach the popularity of Classic Wow when it was first released.


I think many people would play the first weeks because it’s always fun to play when a server/expension is realeased, people are exited.

Nevertheless, I think, after one month, some people would start to leave but I think we will always keep a healthy base to play on it.

So yeah, I’m pretty sure it would be a success.

I just hope Blizzard won’t realeased ton of servers if at launch the server saturates. To be honest, I think only 1 PVP server and one PVE would be enough cause after few weeks, some people would stop to play


I think fresh realms are for people who prioritize progress, and tbc offers just that. So i am quite doubtful that fresh classic era would attract enough people to make it meaningful. I guess we will have to find out if there ever is a fresh server. Me, I would not do fresh at all.

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I literally was about to say all this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Classic fresh will be a success, but it does depend on how badly blizzard mess it up. 1 server of each type will be fine and MAYBE, if there’s 20k people on each server, open 1 more of each.

Also SOME changes need to happen as already gone through on this forum and it’s clear what the popular changes would be.

I barely log in any more because I’m waiting for classic fresh. Please hurry up.



the people who now play on era classic are the basis and ultimately they have fun with the game
If you take this basis and let it start all over again, you risk that you will stop playing
for me, classic was the reason to come back to the game with the prospect of building up a character again and then, as my time allows, to walk a little through azeroth from time to time. if I had to start everything from the beginning, that would be my quitt


Do you think Classic Fresh realms will be successful?

No. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see them.

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It depends.

I think overall most people are done with Classic now hence why the current Classic servers are all ‘Low’ population - everyone’s moved on into TBC.

I think if they re-released Classic again it it’s current state then it would be completely pointless and wouldn’t be very popular. However, If they released Classic again and made some changes to it and improved it a bit I think it’d be pretty successfull. When I say changes I mean some minor QoL stuff and maybe combat boosting etc/remove world buffs. I’m not referring to the idiotic retail wishlist’s of some big streamers who are basically asking for Retail features in a Classic skin.

Who knows though, really.

Yes – for 14 days.

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If private servers can bolster a solid and steady population of 2k weeks after launch I have no doubt official fresh servers won’t do the same. Whether you think those numbers are successful or not is another story. But I’ll gladly take 2k over 300 players or whatever the current pop is on the most popular era realms.


Classic + or BUST.
Progressive amendments must be made. (see below my opinion on some things that could be changed)
No world buffs in raids.
Hard mode in raids.
Higher xp faster lvlling.
Release whole game (upto NAX) at once or within 6 months or so.

No premades v Random BG groups in BG’s. Tidy up the honor system.
A prize each season for the first guild to clear Nax 10 times in hard mode. This denotes the end of the season. Wipe Rinse and Relaunch for season 2 etc. Change boss actions and raid dynamics every season.

At the end of each season tally up the BG results from random BG groups. Give a token to access the merch store to the winning faction, the token allows the winning faction to buy merch with their char name - class - faction and winning season on it. Random starting side for Arathi and Alterac BG’s.

Prizes and rep in dark moon faire games.

  • There are no Darkmoon Faire Mages to teleport you to the grounds in Classic. (NO GOOD)

One char per account (can reroll) but cant change faction after the start of each season. Multi boxing is alright but you will have to pay the monthly sub.

Make it accessible as a standalone cheaper subscription such as 5 bux a month - free to download.

Maybe a couple of rare flying mounts in raid boss drops in hard mode only.

Reduce respec costs to 1 gold.

Just for starters.

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They will be populated yes.

I think more people will play them than Play Classic Era.

It wont be anything like it was 2 years ago. But there will be enough people playing it to be fun for those that wish to relive it. There’s a reason fresh private servers were always a thing. And a lot of us playing TBC are merely waiting for a new Classic server. Once that i out it will be 100% raidlog if even that on TBC and back to Azeroth we go. The reason we aren’t playing classic era is because how Blizzard decided to handle it.

Also; World buffs were good for the game. Made you go out and interact in the world. Getting a group together stalking other guilds movements attempting to get DMF buffs. Having your hunters place traps. Mages blizzard and having your zapper charges ready to wipe them… That was the game. Interacting with people. Working with the community. Getting rid of that because of what?

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Fresh is for the people who quit early classic and couldn’t get back into it.

They will do it again and cry for another fresh.

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I just hope that they don’t let BOTS run free destroying the server.
but i can feel that classic fresh will have more players than current classic era.

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Yes, people are playing vanilla for the sake of love to a social, fun and progressive experience. I have been on 10 private servers, got 20 lvl 60 chars and 3 of them was full tier 3. For me and many others it’s like crosswords for elders, its something that gives us joy and not only for the competition. So reroll on fresh is nothing many think about^^ It seems like you dont like this version of the game and that is fine. I wish you the best of luck to find yours!


No. There’s not enough population on existing servers. Adding more servers is not going to help.

Blizz should focus on finding ways to allow current classic era players to play together, like linking pvp and pve realms and cross-faction raids, or on providing faction and realm transfers.

I believe they will, even with minor changes like no WB’s, but the more highly requested changes they do, the better.
The reason is that classic feels like so much larger scale game and a real MMO in comparison to TBC, there will be no lvl boost via shop I assume, and therefore all ingame locations will feel alive once again.
Only downside I see, is them making fresh way too early, it would make much more sense to launch it mid TBC.

Classic will always take special place compared to any expansion, I have no doubt that fresh will succeed, and if we look at numbers of retiring players in TBC, it was nothing like it in classic.


The logic of it all is really weird.

Would a Fresh-player join a fresh server after eg three months? By the freah-logic of being in the same wave as everyone else…well that person then missed the train and should not join.
Will be interesting to follow this mix of player non-logic and a game without steering or vision. Or well…the game direction seems to be run by the forums lol.

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yes they would. and the timing is perfect tbh since 2-5 months after release there is always a big wave of alts leveling. BWL is not even out yet plus farming for pvp ranks is still worth it at that time.

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