Do you think that Classic WoW Success

Will have any major effects to retail wow?

For example max level in Shadowlands will be 60 and classes will be some what fixed to what they used to be, right?

There are plenty of people playing it and I do enjoy occasional foray, but I don’t do any raids or such. Too much effort and I am not even level 60 yet. Though I do enjoy occasional dungeon run.

As for class design - no it won’t be reverted to classic style. All that will change is rate at which you obtain abilities and when they unlock.


Topic title = Do you think that classic WoW was a success

My opinion = Yes it is. it archieved its goals of bringing people who liked older versions of WoW.

Unlikely and I personally hope not. Retail has a different playerbase with different interests.
Same as classic people scream #noChanges and #goBacktoRetail. So too will retail players will yell #keepClassicOutOfRetail

If you are going to tell me that in classic, every class and spec…well talent build is viable there. Then…yeah. :smiley:


Well im not saying class design should return to classic. Balance in classic is awful.

Im thinking more tbc/wrath, but the elements of the game from classic - wrath is whhat i hope to see in retail.

I don’t know but I really hope not.

I hate Classic WoW and if they made Retail more like it then I’d probably quit playing. Classic is just slow and laborious to me.

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You need to define “elements of the game from classic”? What are these elements you speak of?
Remove LFG/LFR? Do you realize the uproar and PR nightmare it will be? And I am not talking just mean forum post here or there :smiley:
Remove flying?..Do i need to remind you what happened when they tried it back in WoD? :rofl:

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Nein. Classes are going to be fixed if they were close to cata/MoP. Also, they are adding gimmick and useless spells, we don’t want classic’s 3 buttons rotations.

yes, but classic is more popular than retail , more popular means more customers which means more money, so some people at blizzard may start asking questions why that is… my english isnt the best anymore but i hope u understand what i mean

I mean for example classes should be unique again, classes should be brought to raids for buffs etc.

Professions should matter again, hit rating back, etc. idk thats just what i can think off right now

Well thats also a trillion times better

Don’t even mention this atrocity every again! :smiley:

an better ilevel item drops
Yus! This item is a real upgrade!..waaaait a moment? it came with hit rating?! ok. Daaaaaaaang. it messes up my hit rating!

Ok. I can use the new ring now!..but crit rating is now destroyed because of. But I got the hit rating right!..maybe I should have passed on the ring after all? Could have also kept a nice crit rating. |

Disagree if you like. But I am personally glad that abomination (hit rating) is gone. :smiley:

I know what you mean. The problem is that Classic is not more popular than Retail. It’s popular, but more popular? Nah.

I’ll change my mind with some real figures but I know they aren’t available.

There’s also the fact that people that enjoy Classic are already playing Classic and are already paying the subscription. Making Retail more like Classic will not move the majority away from Classic and those that do move were already playing on Classic before. Which results in no new customers and no more money.

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Well I like it. It adds some character progression :slight_smile:

Also I miss armor pen really badly. Fun stat :slight_smile:

Well nobody can say for a fact, but on classic theres a queue every single day on firemaw… and thats just one server. (Server cap is 10k i believe)

The servers work differently in Classic. There’s no phasing, no cross server-play, it’s more persistent.

In Retail it just moves people dynamically to whatever instance/server they can fit on, which is why there’s never any queues.

A while back. I saw some threads about some realms being dead and empty and stuff?
Also take into consideration that there is an corona crisis about. People are staying home - >and some are probably playing video games to pass the time.
Even retail, on my realm(silvermoon). The game gets laggy and unstable on peak hours. And dont get me started on reset day - assault farms… :smiley:

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it turned out exactly as i thought it would.
big initial hype, then settling down after a while. there will always be those die hard classic players who enjoy that type of gameplay.
it was an eye opener for those who had too thick rose tinted glasses on, its not as amazing as they thought it was.
for me it was fun journey down memory road. but the gameplay is too slow and clunky for my liking.

Do you consider that in classic you’re taken into a party more because of your utility than your scaling ? I mean dps paladins or caster druids have a lot of utility, but they are hardly viable. Do you see a lot of them in your parties ?

Things may have changed but afaik vanilla isn’t really a good example of “take the class because of its unique utility” but rather “can we squeeze one more warrior, rogue and mage into the party for this big DPS?”

As for professions, in shadowlands they’ll craft the items required to forge your legendaries so they’ll be more relevant than they have been for a long time now.

Beyond that I don’t really want to see profession craft BOE bis gear ever again because there’s the wow token now. Legitimising P2W isn’t really what the game needs right now don’t you think ?


I think WoW Classic is great for those that want to play an old skool version of the game. All those players that only had the choice of private servers can now come and play on the real deal.

I hope Classic has zero effects on modern WoW, there is nothing about Classic that I want in the game. I went and played Classic, the nostalgia was amazing but after a month I was so ready to come back to retail and it gave me a whole appreciation of everything we have in retail that is so lacking in Classic.

I do not believe the level squish is anything to do with Classic but I’m very much looking forward to the new system in Shadowlands including the levelling changes which are also very unlike Classic.


As for the title, yes, it was obviously a major success.

Depends on what you want to fix.

Is it class identity? Classic nails that much better, but BfA has obvious advantages as well. I think that a mixture should be a thing.
Is it class balance? No thanks. I loved private server retribution paladins because of non-blizzlike scalings on items and spells, I hate Classic retribution because it’s useless. I don’t really love BfA retri as well - I don’t hate it too - but it’s infinitely more enjoyable to be able to actually kill enemies. Speaking of private servers, because of non blizzlike scalings, a lot of the classes were made extremely fun…
Is it talents? For me thats a thumbs up. I love mixing and matching, finding that one meme build. Cookie cutter and fotm will always exist, that’s unavoidable.
Is it rogues? Yes, please, revert Legion’s transferable combat point change. It makes rogues disgusting.

I feel like the level squish to 60 in itself isn’t going to do anything to fix leveling, infact I fear that leveling will be just as bothersome as it was before the squish.
I hope that they take some lessons from classic such as; the importance of relevant nonfrustrating RNG professions, better PvP gear acquisition and Class/Spec identity (altho Legion did a good job of that as well but we’re comparing classic to BFA now so)
What I wouldn’t want from classic is to bring back the progression path of dungeons into raid because I enjoy the two being seperate progression paths now.

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They had me to sell gear for players so I say some success have been achieved.
Rest is to be seen

Let’s be honest here, we’re all playing spec instead of a class (That’s more true for hybrid classes, but even for pure DPS classes, I know many warriors main that don’t want to play Fury because they really like arms fantasy, but they don’t like when we’re telling them that fury is great and enjoyable. Same applies for warlocks, rogues and mages, obviously). Now, with Shadowlands returning abilites from Blizzcon list, well, they chose “Class identity” with gimmick spells instead of actual useful and impactful spells. Let’s be honest here, shield block for DPS warriors won’t allow them to become efficient tanks. Or gimmick spell won’t change core rotations (Let’s be honest here, that’s the main concern, current rotations feel so dull compared to what they used to be pre legion)

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