Do you think there will be another PVE server before or on launch day?


Judging by what blizzard said about any server above medium population experiencing ques on release. i would kind of like them to release 1 more PVE server.

I do understand neither of the PVE servers are yet full like the 3 full pvp servers. I do how ever imagine there will be enough people to support a 3rd server, and i imagine after launch the proportion of people rolling pve vs pvp servers will shift a bit. As i think casual players are less likely to select pvp than the more invested fans who will be doing name registration.

I personally would like to play on a server that firstly doesn’t have que times at launch, but secondly is not a mega server come phase 2. I would prefer to play on a more medium population realm where i feel like you get more of a community sense, and can get to know a lot of the most active players on your faction. If both PVE servers are likely to be larger than the largest classic servers by some margin, i’m not sure that is my dream experience.

I just fear that like a week after classic launched they’ll launch another PVE server, and by then it will be kind of too late to have my dream experience.


Yeah in New WoW Classic Realms Opening Monday, 26 August there will be one, and they will release more after launch after demand which is their “contingency plan”.


Pyrewood is now “Full”. If you ask me, adding just one more Normal server just before launch it too little too late. They should add new servers when the last server is “High” not “Full”. I mean, they are warning us of queues and urging us to move, but offer no alternative server. Makes little sense to move to the new server on Monday only to have it just as overfilled shortly after launch.

Adding 4 PvP servers and only 1 Normal server… :disappointed:


The demand is clearly a lot higher on the PvP servers as they filled up much faster - I would rather Blizzard continued being cautious, I expect a lot of people to only play for a few weeks and we could easily end up with dead realms if they are not cautious. I do kind of expect a fourth realm to be somewhat likely, and if that does happen then yes it would be better to have had it available earlier, but if the players drop off fast and queue’s disappear in a week almost completely, it’s actually better to have just the three so it’s safer this way, even if frustrating to have to re-make characters and re-coordinate with friends.

Edit: They have more information than us, I expect them to make better decisions than anyone speculating on the forums can!

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