Does shadowmeld drop combat in pvp?

Asking about rated arenas/bg’s, does shadowmeld get you out of combat so you can enter stealth for a second and have extra opener?

it doesn’t drop combat but if i m not mistaken you can use a e.g. cheap shot from shadowmeld stealth. (maybe the changed that, was able to do it before at least)
it certainly doesn’t give you subterfuge

It does drop combat yes and you can use stealth abilities.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

I found that aside from dummy you can do this, shadow, stealth and open again from stealth, would this make subterfuge better than anything else on sub rogue?

I was wondering.

Although you don’t drop combat after meld in a Battleground environment you drop it immediately in Arena. You can also enter stealth right after to get Subterfuge.

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