Dont blame blizzard

Players programmed bots
Players sell gold illegally
Players buy gold illegally
Players run gdkps
Players boost

Im not some blizzard fan boy, i quit long before the token,
Im reading all of these posts where people are melting like ice on a fire pit,

Scream and shout at blizzard all you want, its the players fault,

If you tease a dog, eventually it’ll bite,
You used and abused the game, blizzard acted on it.


Yeah right. Except the dog didn’t bite. It just asked you to pay it for the teasing and decided to call it a day


No one asked the players to buy / sell gold
No one asked players to abuse the game

If you owned a company, and a 3rd party was earning profit from your customers instead of you, would you not do something about it?


And no one asked Blizzard to give their blessing to that behavior (as long as they pay them). They were instead supposed to moderate their freaking game.


Im sure blizzard would be open to suggestions on how to stop nearly all of their customers from performing activities against TOS,

Give blizzard a phone call and share your solution,
Or just accept the solution that has been put in place.


Strange, its like when rules arent enforced, people start breaking them for their own benefit.


When rules are broken, consequences come after, i.e the token.

Real life parallel:
"Criminals stole your money.
Criminals beat you up.
Criminals violated that girl you care about.

Don’t blame the Police that it’s doing the same thing now, it’s the criminals’ fault."

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Hmm not sure about that, this one is more accurate,

You own a cafe, your customers sit outside on the lovely chairs your invested in,

However those poeple sitting in your cafe bought food and drinks from across the street and are now using your property to eat and drink products from another company,

Who made profit? You because theyre sat on your chairs?
Or the shop across the street where they bought the food / drink?


With your logic we should allow guns from tesco because people buy guns on the black market, nice try blizz simp n#534


But the shop across the street is buying materials from you monthly to make their food and drinks.

No, it equates to the govermant starting to sell drugs themselfs, just because a portion of the population were cosnuming them, after years of not enforcing drug laws.
“Its the peoples fault for buying drugs illegally guys. Now buy our new black tar heroine special deal.”


Hmm excellent point,
I cant think of a parallel for bots, gdkps etc etc, so ill leave it there

What? So after doing nothing against bots and RMT… we have to blame the players? What a joke.


You are right, player abused the game by buying gold, botting etc. Why is this a problem? Because it creates an unfair playing field and actual p2w.

The solution Blizzard provides does NOTHING to mitigate this, only the opposite. The game is now officially p2w.


100% facts right here. How much you’re worth IRL should not affect your status in the game. It should be an even playing field and that’s that.


Make of it what you will, but they make the claim that they are working with it daily. If you want to tinfoil it up and believe it’s part of some ruse to make more money then be my guest. I won’t take any sides – I never bought gold nor have I ever participated in a GDKP, so for me this change changes nothing.


From a purely logical perspective without any salty tears: Both are obviously at fault, but keep also in mind that players can’t really ban other players. But in the end, I have the feeling that a lot of the complainers here may have been profiting from the rulebreaking, because it seems very sus that they get so extremely upset. However, I personally would not even touch wotlk with a stick seeing the state of the game.

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I highly doubt they were working on it daily. I mean if what they consider “working on it daily” is to look at player reports then that’s not good enough lol.

Honestly, I’ll take you up on that tinfoil hat offer. It’s not even a massive reach either, I can see them implementing the token because it’s giving them access to more cash.

This is Blizzard, same company that has created Diablo Immortal. I wouldn’t even be mad if they straight up admitted “it lets us syphon more money out of people” instead of this damage control statement. I’d just be disappointed lol