Don't ever team/group up with Pintoakg

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to give you all a heads up to not ever party up with Pintoakg. Why?
Well simple:
I was looking for more people to create a group for Sunken Temple this evening. And on a Thursday it is very hard to find people because It is actually a raiding night. So where a typical group can be found in 30 minutes to 1 hour this evening it took me 2 to even create one.

So we found a healer (Pintoakg) a tank, and 3 dps. All good. But from the beginning our healer (Pintoakg) starts whispering me asking if this was a group for BRD. So I told him, no, we are going to Sunken Temple. (If you count the actual LFM message and the time I typed it into the group aswell, this counts as !!3!! times I said it would not be BRD)

Now, if he/she or it would have just said then and there, oh sorry, I made a mistake, I want to actually go to BRD and thought you was going there aswell, there would have not been a problem at all. But as you probably already figured out by now he/she or it did not do that, instead he/she or it went allong with the group and then when almost everyone came to the dungeon he/she or it left.

When asked why, the reply was that he/she or it had to go. And aside from the fact that it already is stupid to join a group when you know you won’t be able to make the dungeon because of time is stupid, still, if that was the case, It would have been kinda okey or something. Dumb. Stupid. Probably enough to destroy the group/team spirit. But nothing more.

But here is the thing. It turned out that our ‘paladin healer’ “Pintoakg” was still online when our group fell appart and was with another group in BRD. Conclusion: He ditched us for a better group. And instead of being a descent dillhole about it by telling the truth when he/she or it spitted in our faces he/she or it lied about it.

And I perfectly understand that I come across as a Q_Q -ing drama queen that watched a little to much after school specials. But I rather be that then a lying piece of trash that lies just to get a bit of loot.

So, to everyone that wants to have a good group without a piece of trash that lies just to get ahead. Don’t group up with this ‘healer’. And yes, this also goes for max level players. It’s a lying piece of trash so chances are he/she or it will ninja your loot, sign up but don’t show up, etc. etc. etc.

Just a heads up!

Lol, he came to our BRD that night.
We did fine, no issues, would team up with him again


they know perfectly well why they leave the group, in fact the mistake was that they insulted them and were nothing more than 16 year old children so they left the group after we had dead 3 times in a completely stupid way. since my patience has run out and my time is wasted, I obviously left that child group. Thank you

Yeah I guess you don’t care when someone joins your group instead of leaving it right before the start.

It is just really a prick move to join a group and in the last minutes before you go in a dungeon leave and join a group that fits you better. 4 other people just lost a lot of time because of your egoism. Good going! And then lying about it aswell saying ‘I got to go’.

ty for info!!

Classic! Real comedy man!

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