Don't try to "fix clipping", please

Post in relation to this: " Horns/Ears No Longer Visible Through Helmets in Patch 9.0.2"


This is absolutely horrendous, if not downright ugly and repulsive.

This is World of Warcraft. We have been clipping since 2004. We can deal with it. It’s fine.

There is no need to cut off Horns and Ears, it’s bad enough we go bald upon equipping hats. (Literally since the new customization)



Can we get back the old mount riding animation?

back there before prepatch we had just ‘clipping’ issues.
now we have ‘clipping+looking just plain wrong’ on top of it.

We’re used to clipping, don’t worry. Just don’t do lazy fixes, please.

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That helm was confirmed to be a bug, no need for concern.

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