Double dispel is toxic

Both Priests have double dispel and on top Havoc/Ret is a common comp.

Amazing season…

In the War Within not only Priest get a talent lowering CD on Dispel but also DK will dispel all magic effects with AMS. Fun time incoming.

i mean without double dispel some comps would be impossible to win, or even more annoying,to face because of so many micro cc´s

this comp looks brutal op, have seen peoples playing it on 2.2 what never got higher than rival in previous seasons

it´s the new warri ret fistweaver comp

Ret/Boomkin is the best comp to carry a healer because both classes can dispel CC from the healer, and the boomkin eats most of the interrupts.

I strongly suggest this comp to new healers trying arena for the first time.

As this is no doubt coming from a perspective of an ele shaman, let me tell you this…

Elemental shaman is dangerously charting between A and B tier as far as arena goes.

Even Swapxy said it wouldn’t be viable without 4 set bonus. Not weak mind you, he said plain unviable.

On top of that, strong specs like ret, DH and arguably the best healer, hpriest can just completely negate ele damage in critical moments without much thought.

In RBGs it is even worse because groups are stacking 2 or even 3 MWs.

I would argue ele suffers with dispels even more than affliction, and our dispel protection is sad and unless they buff the damage to hit astronomical numbers, FS will be dispelled on CD.

I completely disagree. Currently we have the raise of Affliction Warlocks because they only counter this double dispel mayhem. Against Ele, Boomy, SP and even Destru every H Priest plays 2x dispel + reduced cost on dispel. It literally counters most of the casters besides Affliction and here we come to the raise of this spec in the meta.

Also about these “unwinnable” matchups. You clearly see there is something wrong about the healer’s balance if H Priest is 33% of all healers above 1800.

Havoc/Ret/x is brutal for the same reason. Insane damage, utility and both specs have dispel. While 2nd R Druid and R Sham are almost equal with 13%. Disc and Pres are 3rd with 12,5%. So there is a clear issue with healer’s balance.

I agree as sp, some games I spend almost 24/7 casting VT in between having to deal with interrupt and stuff like reflect ground etc…

Double dispel is super broken and toxic, removing a spec from the game just by default isn’t fair.

Imagine if you get disarm every 4sec the entire game, that’s what it feels like.

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Was going to say the same thing, it’s wild how in some games you don’t have time for anything else than spamming VT in between micro cc piss and grounding…

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i mean u can, but as long as shaman have so many rnd roots, lock short cd on coil, so much haste, this game isnt enjoyable without double dispell, dh also have a magic aoe stun, 1000 fears especially in shadow, lock comps

idk play the game without double dispell and u will see it for yourself

i dont mind to remove the double dispell thing, but then remove annoying rnd roots from the shaman or increase the cd of coil, and shaman root totem

just increase the cd of annoying micro magic cc effects/roots and remove double dispell would be my suggestion

but it´s insane that u cant play the game for a Minute into affli, shadow rsham teams.

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What talent?

Hero talent - Oracle

Im against blizzard politics about overbloating people with power.

Right now there is no much skill difference if my mother start to play WoW or R1 player, booth are dangerous and can kill, because booth are overbloated with power. Its nearly impossible to play bad.

PvP shoud be around utilizing your class strenght and playing around your weakness, but right now classes have no weakness, because blizzard just gave anything tho anyone… its idiotic when you have classes which do best DPS, have best tankines, best movement ALL in SAME toolkit… PvP worth of respect cannot be done with blizzard current politics.

Just look AWC, instead of seeing skill parade, what you see? bunch of guys who abusing meta and showing those “tricks” to world, shame to oblivion, no wonder why AWC lose its respect as E-Sport… all this because game loses its conneciton with skill.

Blizzard forget gaming dogma number 1:
Game for anyone is game for no one !
If they continue their current part WoW will die off, big damage is alredy done.

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