Draconic pennant should be a MOG not a TOY

hello everyone

I just got s4 legend finally and got the draconic pennant. i was a little disappointed since they are not useable in arena. pennat mogs do exist there are a couple from each of the dragonflight zones so maybe converting it from a toy to a mog would be very nice and it would make the grind worth doing.

anyone has thoughts on this?


So true, the reward from instanced pvp combat that is not usable in the arena is almost useless


Arenas already give you a flag above your head with the color of your team.
This might be the reason why.

Reason that is devs don’t care about pvp
At least could give us not pennant, but another toy, so we could flex with it in arena

flex in arena by actually being good at the game.
What flex is it to play a DH ?

idk the pennants are too big. looks kinda goofy to flex them.
id prefer good 2.4 tabards.

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but it makes no sense since you can transmog the other pennants from the other factions you know like the one from tuskarr or other ones

yeah pennants are kinda lame rewards sadly

Idk I kinda like it, I macro’ed it with time weather goblin machine and pw shield, whenever I’m outdoor in or m+/raid it’s great.

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