[Draenei RP] Azuremyst Village Hours - Postponed to MARCH, TBD


Draenei of Azeroth! It has been over a decade that we call this world out new home; the races of Azeroth have been kind to us and invited us into their midst since the moment we arrived on this planet. Let us pay them in kind - we gather every last sunday of the month, each month, to celebrate our kinship and share our culture with those who wish to join and learn!

The new and improved Azuremyst Village Hours will take place every last sunday of the month, with different Draenei-themed events! Bring your Draenei, or any Alliance character with an interest in Azeroth’s favourite aliens!
Continued from other thread - https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/rp-azuremyst-village-hours-avh-come-one-come-all-%F0%9F%92%9C-jan-31st/190875

What to Expect?

  • NEW: A monthly theme, Draenei related! Check post for current update
  • Lots of Draenei
  • Laid back sunday evenings with the AD Draenei community
  • Catch up on what plots are happening among the Draenei Rpers
  • Change of scenery from Stormwind RP :wink:

Where & When?

  • Every last sunday of the month from 20:00pm server time, open end
  • Azurewatch, Azuremyst Island

Who can attend?

  • Draenei! Bring your alts and take part!
  • All other Alliance/neutral races welcome (no IC warlocks and DHs please)

Interested to take part as host / NPC for a specific theme? Or got an idea you would like to see realized? Always welcome, get in touch! :slight_smile:

For more community updates, join the AD Draenei server: https://discord.gg/M8EUJzgD6c

Questions? Get in touch with me here, in the Discord above or on Nataari#4292, or ingame! (Kheevani)

UPDATE - next event:
Je’dhin tournament - February 28th from 19:30pm

Hello Draenei and dear visitors!
For the next AVH get ready to rumble, as this month we will be holding a Je’dhin tournament in Exodar! For all that don’t know je’dhin:

Jed’hin is a competitive full-contact wrestling sport where a wrestler attempts to force another wrestler into submission within a large, circular ring. The sport originated in Argus, where it was practiced professionally. In addition to its use as a trial of strength in combat, jed’hin has also been associated as a spiritual ritual. Professional jed’hin can trace its roots as a form of sporting entertainment.

When: Sunday February 28th from 19:30pm!
Where: Platform outside of Exodar (!! - not Azurewatch this time)
Who: All Draenei and visitors welcome.
Tournament is Draenei-only, but visitors are welcome to watch!

Event schedule:
19:30pm - Opening demo match with short lecture on je’dhin
Then workshop on techniques. Open to all races to participate in workshop!
20:30pm - Tournament starts! Open to Draenei only, both genders. Non-Draenei spectators welcome!
22:30pm - Award ceremony for the top 3 combatants with prices!

Tournament rules OOC:
Emote battle determined by rolls: at the start of each round both combatants roll, winner emotes his opening move, loser reacts.
Best out of 3 wins the match.
Traditionally je’dhin is a male -only sport, but to make it more inclusive, will open for females as well - the first rounds are separated by gender, the finale will be mixed (je’dhin is not only about brute strength, but also speed, skills and tactics!)

IC rules:
More info here: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Jed%27hin
Traditionally each match opens with a headcrest slams (female and mixed matches with a shoulder slam instead), then the opponents wrestle with help of grapples, kicks and tail swipes.
A round is won when one opponent is immobilized on the floor or pushed out of the ring.
Dresscode: Bare-chested and kilt / cloth pants for males; sport top and kilt / cloth pants for females.

Interested? Come sign up and play! :slightly_smiling_face:
Limited spots as we need to calculate the matches beforehand.
I will start with 8 available combat slots, will waitlist further sign-ups and extend this number on demand!
Sign-ups on the night NOT possible, unless we have drop-outs!

Don’t fancy to take part but want another role to get involved?
I am still looking for the following:

  • food and drink vendors
  • assistant instructor(s) for the training workshop
  • betting master (because why not!)
  • healers to mend injuries of the combatants

Contact: Kheevani ingame, forum or Discord: Nataari#4292


Sunday, January 31st from 20:00 at Azurewatch:

A Winter’s Market - Come one, come all!
To break the gloom of the dark season, the Draenei of Exodar invite to a night of merryment and entertainment! Enjoy a night on Azuremyst browsing wares from all across Azeroth, enjoy Draenic food and drink, and be mesmerized by performers and fortune tellers ! The Light shines bright even during the darkest time of the year, feel free to bring out all your lights to brighten up this winter night.


  • Market Night, open to all Alliance!
  • Wanna host a stall, sell? Get in touch!
  • Storytellers / artists / singers etc welcome, please also - get in touch!
  • Let’s make it shiny - bring lanterns, glowing offhands etc! There will also be some for sale at the market on the night!

Peacekeeping may or may not be present, but we’re all nice! (Unnice peacekeepers will be given the hoof.)

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Looking forwards to it! :slight_smile:

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The Order of Oronaar will be there. You better be there too!


I-Is this a threat? :hushed:

How many draenei can one Jera confuse? Find out at the next event on Azure Stopwatch on planet draenei!

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One more week to go before the big Draenei Winter Faire!

Looking forward to see you there. Also, still looking for a few more vendors to participate!
A few ideas:

  • Food vendor /produce!
  • Armor vendors of any kind!
  • Cloths and garments!
  • Herbs? Flowers?..

Get in touch ingame, here, or join our discord! :slight_smile:

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Is this an opportunity for trade I hear? The Enchanted Rose will for sure be here offering our wares, drinks, and games for you all to enjoy!
Pro-tip, Ismaa will have event specials in stock :wink:

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I can actually attend this one, hurrah

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We are very much looking forward to what the Enchanted Rose has to offer this time, Ismaa!

This is coming together nicely - we will have a good mix of wares and attractions from both the Draenei lands and beyond!
You can look forward to browse finest Draenic jewelcrafting, magical curiosities and enchantments, tinkering and gadgets from both the Draenei and the gnomes, drinks you have never tasted before… While being entertained by fortune-telling, firebreathing, card tricks and much more!

LAST CALL if you fancy having a stall on the event!

Looking forward to see you there next sunday!

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A quick reminder, there is still room for stalls! It is open to our friends in the Alliance to visit or sell their wares. Just leave the evil tendencies at the door…

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The discord link has expired

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Ahh, thank you - fixed it now! :slight_smile:

thats legendary Kheevani

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This is happening TONIGHT - a little over an hour to go!
Looking forward to see you all in Azure Watch from 20:00pm!

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Very special thank you to tonight’s traders and entertainers:

Augaari Ismaa and her world-famous Jewelcrafting and Enchanting stall!
Albrius the Elekk-Lord showing up in numbers with his herd!
Thuigrags bringing you drinks you have never tasted - and even imagined - before!
Ballad / Ne’aa bringing you blessings for a good cause!
The Gambler will mesmerize you with his card tricks!
Artificer Peraamos will excite you with trinkets and engineering gadgets!
Arcanist Adhaya will enchant you with her magical curiosities!
Khaalus, the man of the hour, supplies the drinks and lets the sunglow flow!
And last but not least:
Dekin the Vizier will foretell you what the future has in store for you!


:beers: Here come the League! Expect us! :beers:


Thank the Light Khaalus has stocked up on ale…!


Im soo going!

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