Draenie hunter pet quest

First of all i want to point out this is imo a minor bug.

Quest is 100% doable but there is a thing that feels all wrong, And that is when do the second and third step. Taming a strider and nightstalker, the most natural path to walk is egde of exodar and even tho you have 15min duration on the tamed pet. ull lose controle of it as soon enter city zone.

I would assume since quest actual gives credit without return it to the npc maybe that’s been part of an fix before due to no simple way to allow the pet inside exodar city zone?

either way i think it should be fixed if possible but not a high priority its just kinda unpleasant surprise during the quest that it turns all agressive

Bugs must be reported in-game, not on the forums.

Well i had a rather long conversation with gm in ticket about this and was directed to these forums after a long chat so idk just doing what told xD

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