[Draenor EU - Horde] Azeroths Shadows is recruiting for season 4 mythic raiding

Originally formed on Runetotem server 2012.
After our Italian friends got a server of their own it left Runetotem dead so we moved over to Draenor which became our new home.
We have a nice group so a friendly personality is a must.
We are looking for mature players with mythic raiding experience and a drive to get as far into mythic as possible ultimately clearing it.
Also open for social and casual players , we have a pretty active discord.

VOTI - 5/8 Mythic
ABERRUS - 5/9 Mythic
AMIRDRASSIL - 3/9 Mythic

Currently in special need of a ww/mw monk, balance/resto druid & rogue. (crossrealm welcome)


  • wednesday 20:00-23:00
  • thursday 20:00-23:00
    We have a break after every hour of raiding.
    We start invites at 19:45.

what we offer as a guild

  • a steady raid environment with officers that have been raiding mythic for over 10 years
  • a 1 week trial where we will help new recruits if needed
  • an organized environment where information is given before hand as much as possible
  • food and cauldrons for everyone
  • guild repairs for everyone

what we ask from you

  • come prepared knowing tactics, have consumables and enchants
  • be online 15 minutes before raid starts, it takes some time to make a group and we don’t want to waste it waiting for people
  • stay up to date with the class/spec you play
  • early in the tier do enough M+ to stay up to date on gear/ilvl

We always run tons of M+ every week and have people that push rankings.

battlenet Dreadnoughts#2650 / discord Pascal4402
(please don’t add if you are not going to contact)

At the moment we are in high need of a mage & warrior.
All other dps specs are considered as well.

We are now recruiting players to start clearing mythic SFO.
Still in high need of a mage & warrior but all other dps specs are considered as well.

Getting ready to start going mythic SFO, still need to fill some spots

Recruiting one tank and couple of dps to start mythic.
High need for a mage and warrior.

Recruiting 1 healer.
At the moment we are in high need of a mage & warrior.
All other dps specs are considered as well.

hi…me and my freind are healer… shami resto and holy prist…we are 11/11 hc , 3k io and 2500 io p2 with 273 ilvl.

sorry but we only have 1 spot to give.

Still have some spots for Dausegne progress.

Recruiting healer for Xy’mox progress.
Also have a spot for any good dps.

Still need a healer. Progress doesnt matter.

Still recruiting healer, all specs welcome.

Recruiting a healer for Xymox mythic and beyond progress.

Recruiting healer and listed dps specs.
Progressing Prototype P3

High need for a healer. Crossrealm is no problem.
Also have a spot for 1 dps listed above.

Looking for a healer to kill Halondrus before season 4 starts, open for crossrealm.

Recruiting healer for Halondrus progress last week.
Also open for all spots except tank for season 4 raiding.

We have a fully functional mythic team but we are open for all classes and specs going into season 4 but mostly looking for another healer.
To apply have atleast AOTC and ideally some mythic raiding done in SFO.

Recruiting ranged dps and healer for fated raiding.

recruiting ranged dps mage & balance druid preferred