[Draenor H] [Ex - Cutting edge] DPS Demon hunter LF Guild


I am Antony (Or classdiff). I am looking for a casual/semi hardcore guild that is looking to smash out heroic every patch, maybe dabble into a bit of mythic but nothing too serious.

I am currently returning (ish) to the world of Azeroth and want to progress the next patch on my Demon Hunter DPS (and maybe a bit of tank…just maybe)

What I will bring:

Some form of quality - you can decide what it is.

A fun, exciting attitude.

A player who won’t ragequit - seriously…what’s the fun in that.

A great time…noooo…in WoW…wait…forget it.

I am looking for a guild that will clear heroic quite easily and keep it on farm whilst also doing keys on the side and any events in between. I will help alts, mains, gnomes, anything. You let me know!

If you want to chat more then add me on one of the following platforms:

Discord - Antonyj1
Battlenet - Arby#21302

Thanks and hope we can have a chat!