[draenor]-the return of the kings

About Us We are a newly formed guild, build from experienced players who raiding together for over 4 years, currently playing as casual guild and preparing for the Shadowland expansion. We are a friendly guild with the intention of having fun and good teamwork, our main focus is creating a friendly and helpful raid environment. We are looking to recruit players of any class to join our team.

Raid Schedule
We are raiding 2 days a week.
Thursday & Sunday 20:30 – 23:00

Tanks: Full
Healers: Open
DPS: Open

What we expect from Trials/Raiders:

  • Be able to play your class to a raid worthy standard
  • Know their class well, and how they can contribute to the raiding team and the guild
  • Be able to research and prepare for encounters prior to engaging them
  • Have near 100% raid attendance (of course real life incidents do occur from time to time, but don’t make a habit from it)
  • Have a friendly and sociable attitude, we pride ourselves on the social atmosphere within the guild, the progress comes naturally.
  • When you are inside a guild raid, you perform to the high level that is expected of you.
  • Be able to take (and give out) constructive criticism.
  • Able to communicate (a silent raider is a concerning one)

Guild Master: Sizor - Sizor#21811
Officers: Inferno – Alexis#2891 Zaiper – Zippo#2938