Dragon age 4 Teaser trailer


It’s official at last.
I’m really looking forward to DA4, but i’m so afraid that they will screw it up ,make another Andromeda.
What do you think? Will you buy it,when it comes out?

(Liära) #2

I will play it for sure when it comes out since I played all DA games and from my POV BW games have best stories by far, way above in quality from all other AAA studios.

From Dragon Age games I liked best DAO, because of the amazing characters and great narrative. DA2 was interesting with a gritty story about the Hawke family. DAI was good but I think how it wasn’t that great move from a BW to move to the more open world approach with it just like it wasn’t with Andromeda either coz more linear games are better with their presentations of the main story than the open world ones which because they have big open worlds tend to have a lot of space filled with just fetch quests which aren’t that interesting and are distraction from the main narrative.

In the next game I’m looking forward to get to know more about ancient elves and Solas, hoping how we will get introduced with Tevinter there and some of its magisters, the story with Flemeth and Morrigan is far from over, we might get a qunary invasion there perhaphs, and it will be interesting to see what will happen with the wardens ( I sended Hawke in last game to aid them ).


They do have the best stories,i agree :slightly_smiling_face:
DAO had me from the first second i stepped into he game, think i’ve lost count of how many times i’ve replayed it.
Da2 was a good,but the replay of the same caves and stuff,got boring a bit fast,that and the fact that one only could play as a human.
I’m always a elven mage .
I loved DAI,and the open world was beautiful,but i agree with you with the fetch quests.
I liked the world set-up from DAO,but don’t think they’ll go back to that. But never,say never.:slightly_smiling_face:

I hope they have learned from past mistakes,and make a game worthy of it’s reputation. :slightly_smiling_face:
Looking forward to see how tha Solas story turns out,and who we will be playing.
It’s been a huge discusssion between players , about sticking with the inqusitor,given their history with solas,and if it’s gonna be a totally new hero.
So much to look forward to. From the wardens to see tevinter :slightly_smiling_face:

(Varileztra) #4

well i might some day actually play inquisition…
that i purchased on release
and then didnt play because my graphics card was too weak
and still didnt play when i got a new one
because it would force me to open origin
which just makes me want to puke immediatly


I hope you get passed yout dislike for the origin client soon,and try out DAI , and later on DA4 :slightly_smiling_face::crossed_fingers:

(Varileztra) #6

well for now i have theHunter…and monster hunter… and roughly like 20 other titles on steam that i purchased this year and didn’t touch, but have installed

(Sylvare) #7

I’m glad some people are still this enthousiastic

Every new game wether its from a loved studio or not I’m currently like, if theres an ingame store I will not touch it

Wow gets a pass because none of that is pay2win but even in WoW I’m against the store

Anthems monetization had to be overhauled because alledgedly it was pay2win like Battlefront was

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Been a fan of this series from DAO all the way through to Inquisition.

So many strands to their story you never know which one they’re going to tug on next.

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