Dragon boss in Ruby Life Pools

Did they change this? Or there’s a detail I am unaware of?

I pulled the humanoid to the right spot, and yet the dragon still went to the edge.

The dragon’s “landing” location is based on where your group is, not where the other boss is. There’s a boundary that covers the middle of the room where she’ll always land if everyone is standing in it.

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So a ranged was in the wrong spot! Aight, next time I tell group, to stay where I am!

EDIT : checked my recording, I did tell group “We stay here until dragon is 50%”. It was a pug though, there’s always a chance someone doesnt know :smiley:

People try to be good and drop their fire super far out, because they dont know where the wind’s gonna go so they just go “out”. If people drop their fire closer but in the direction the winds go next it keeps the boss in the middle.

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True, using “Ruby Life Pools - Last Boss Fire Drop” WA myself, that fight is too chaotic for me to keep track of that :slight_smile:

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