Dragon Racing in TWW?

Will it stay in the game for next expansion? It’s really fun, even though the rewards are not good. I’m slowly getting all on gold, even though there is basically no reward for it, because it’s kinda enjoyable. The rewards though are not really reflective of how hard it is relatively and how long it takes overall :sweat_smile: Just a title seems a bit boring

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Since Dragonriding is here to stay, and will be the standard going forward, im sure there will deffinitly be more dragonriding world quests. Wether they will be races or something new, who knows.


500g+ for a max 1 min work , i think that is pretty good.

Well we know the flight is here to stay but we have no idea yet of this but i do hope so.

I’m talking about challenge modes. I don’t do them for gold.

Well be more specific then i can not read your mind sorry.

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