Dragonfang is dead! :(

This server is dead with no economy, not even 50+ lvl 60’s online at various hours, dwindling communities due to the number of players populating the world and guilds, i only xferred here a few days ago and i’m regretting it, i can’t go back and this transfer is final and irreversible, no paid xfer and only option is to go to mandokir a spanish speaking realm, so its literally like ive gone to WoW prison, when phase 2 lands there wont be ANY world pvp this needs to be addressed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ! im considering quitting the game!!!

On schedule.

Quick! Jump the guns! All hands on deck! Some dude threatens to quit the game!

Dragonfang is actually fine (at least on Horde side).


Be helpful if they put what faction they are on eh?

You think its fine when there are 0 dungeons being recruited for, sometimes 1 and 3 if super lucky? :slight_smile: no economy? don’t make me laugh, the most you can hope for is a raiding guild, and there are only 2-3 guilds raiding…

Atleast you can play the game as opposed to being in an hour+ queue

Again, since I you don’t (want to ) tell us on which faction you are playing I wil speak for my own faction.

On Horde side, I am able to run several High level dungeons every evening . We have 3 Guilds raiding on a regular schedule and 1-2 coming up and wanting to start in the upcoming week(s).

Also, define “no economy”? Cause you don’t have the same item listed over several pages?

U don’t understand man. There are no ghost mushrooms in ah!


mate honestly, you fell into the most cancer server of them all. better quit the game TBH blizzard aint bringing paid transfers.

I had a similar issue as well… I decided to go to Mandokir (I didn’t even know this was a spanish server) and now regret my decision. I’m currently playing on Mandokir although I don’t even speak spanish… No other options available. This is horrible for my playing experience.

Its not dead any more :slight_smile:


Come back, it’s fun

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Still dead. Won’t change anytime soon now.
Unless you enjoy raidlogging, playing alone and farming stuff that will never sell.

You are a level 20 high mountain tauren. Your opinion is irrelevant.


change treat name - dragonfang is not dead. just a little empty. there are plenty people who are looking for a more personal classic experience and they can find it here.

just think about what happens if someone does research for servers and find this . we have plenty raiding guilds, good players and a very active community makers who organize events that are mucho fun…


almost 60 yoooo

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Never, found a higher pop. Cant describe The difftent on a high realm compared to Dramafang. Holy Jesus i love this game. Now.

Is the server dead on Alliance side?

I understand it’s a low population server, but what I mean is, are there active guilds and will finding dungeon groups at 60 be a challenge?

PvE can only be problematic for lower levels at time, it’s ok for 60s on both factions.


what queue lol? didnt they removed queues like 3 months ago