Dragonflight: 10.0.7 Content Update Notes—Now Live!

Dragonflight: 10.0.7 Content Update Notes—Now Live!

The Dragonflight 10.0.7 content update is live!

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nice no mage changes? Was another beta patch :worried: When is v1.0 of dragonflight?

Please make Unbound Freedom undispellable as it is in live servers or else Mages and Shamans will make Paladins target dummies. It’s really counterproductive to erase such an important part of our mobility in a patch that one of the things it tries to solve is the Paladin mobility issue.

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Im very miffed about these Evoker changes and especially because they are very much typical for your backwards way to approach balancing. You claim your goal with the Healer-changes is, to allow more variety for Preservation and more options. Fine. But the reason every single Evoker switched to the TA-Build is not because it was stronger than the others, but because the others work so incredibly poorly that no other build was worth using. And you literally executed every other option when you hit the Evoker with a broad-stroke 5% nerf. From this point on other builds were not just worse, but absolutely useless by comparison because all that kept the Class being “competitive” in your general Raid-environment was in my eyes the Absorb.

Now you went, killed 50% of TAs overall strength and did absurd weird pseudo-changes to skills that i don’t believe will be any more useful than they were before because the viability is even more depended on other peoples positioning than TA already was. This will not work… At least i don’t see it. It might do for a Simulator, as it did before. It might work for the top 100 M+ Crowd, as it did before.

But i feel most people will once again spend their time in a raid, paying full attention all of the time and pressing 15 buttons for a splinter of the healing throughput a Druid gets from brainlessly spamming Hots onto every raidmember.

You did not open up any kind of solution to the issue, nor did you make anything better here. Evoker is now just worse and worse across the board, since you did nothing but nerf every effect of TA and buffed nothing to take its place. And your Alibi-Buffing of temporalcompression read like an insult, when you break every single bronze spell apart so hard thanks to your massive nerf to TA and Echo that this will never aid anyone…

My brain hurts when i try to understand your logic with this.

Literally just reroll to Resto Druid dude. That’s what I’m doing, already got mine to 70 waiting for 10.1. Have you seen the new resto druid tierset as well? Absolutely broken.

Is there a reason you don’t like paladins to nerf them like for 20% aoe dmg 5 days before patch go live?

True, Paladin needs undispellable/unstealable Freedom. This is 1 flaw of the rework. Bring it back pls.

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Did you forget to include the rogue pvp changes?

Rogues are balanced now it took a while but they are not as strong like they used to be," at least in arena. I feel like it is much stronger when it comes to open world yesterday I probably killed over 40 people, including a level boost group with bots.

The boost group had a shepherd to look after the sheeps, a demonhunter clown who thought he was good enough to protect the sheeps from wolves, wasn’t strong enough to protect them from even 1 wolf, all 9 characters got killed and had to leave the place :smirk:

blizzardEntertainment how can we play when they keep getting Stream error WOW51900322 every 1 min???

you can say enjoy when your patch is corrupted or gone wrong so please fix this issue as its your end not us before insulting us saying enjoy

Two armor sets which I acquired in Trading Post (pirate clothing and harlequin) disappeared in Collections Sets for all characters on my account after this update.
Has anyone else seen this awful bug?

This is the change they made for the protection paladin spec stat SCALING:
Aegis of Light Stamina increased by 50% reduced to 35%.
Armor increased by 30% reduced to 15%.

This is HUGE! And very bad for the spec!
Protection paladin have 5% less armor and 5% less HP even if they pick the new talent that was created to make up for this big fat nerf.
The Blizz Dev who did this must be fired. With his flat massive nerf in next season other tank specs get and increased item level benefiting fully from those increased stats and protection paladins will lose a lot of HP and armor because of this nerf because they won’t get the same amount of HP and armor with the itemlevel increase. The dev didn’t think about this??? Must be fired! It is easy to see what will happen to protection paladins next season because of this nerf. No one will play them because they will have a lot less HP and armor than any other tanks! People will running around in 441 item level gear instead of 420 item level but protection paladin will get 35% HP increase benefit instead of the 50% and 15% armor benefit instead of the 30% while they didn’t nerf this flat stat scaling for any other tank spec.
Who would do a major game breaking change for a spec??? They pretty much killed the spec for the next season with this. That careless dev who did this must be fired because they are either incompetent in their job or simply hate the spec and wanted to ruin it completely and this time they did it!

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