Dragonflight live 28 nov - when you think prepatch?

Topic, any idea when prepatch will hit due to this?

26.10.2022 Pre-Patch
28.11.2022 Public Beta Testing


Late October. My bet is 26th for EU.

I remember some weeks ago not all talents were working
Why do they release the game LOL

Most of these things still dont work.
Money? Its the only thing Blizz cares about in the last decade.

they fixed quite a lot with last build I think.
Several things not working still…
if i respec, my keybinds won’t work anymore for example haha

aside from things completely broken, the tuning is god awful currently.
So considering they will do some hefty tuning (not certain) they need to flip like all numbers on their head, because they are soooooooooo wrong, I don’t even know how that happens.

Enhance dmg breakdowns in lvl 70 pvp gear:
ele blast: 130k
Stormstrike: 8k
forst shock (dbl frost wolf): 60k
WF: 2k
Doomwinds activation: 6k

I mean, seriously who comes up with those numbers?

On my pala i hit 70k judgements and 10k - 100k templars verdict (yes, this big range)

chaos bolt does 34k dmg and star surge (spamable instant cast) does 50k dmg

they have less than 4 weeks to tune those crazy things. I am not very optimistic lol


They have longer than 4weeks unless you think everyone will be in arena in a that time or you care for prepatch

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Maybe because they don’t have 5 player power systems on top of each other this time, they will have more time to work on the actual game. So there is a decent chance they will be able to release the expansion without to many broken specks.

evoker already looks broken AF

I think that’s a good point to make.

The way it usually works is that the pre-patch is released about a month before the expansion, after which the game becomes pure chaos. But it doesn’t really matter, because it’s pre-patch and temporary and of no importance.
Then the release of the expansion is usually followed by a few weeks of rapid hotfixes from Blizzard as everyone’s leveling and preparing for endgame.
And then the first Season starts, and it tends to be a typical WoW experience.
So a lot tends to happen between the outlook of the pre-patch as it appears now and the state of the game when the first Season actually begins. But it’ll be the worst Season ever anyway, I’m sure. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And yeah, probably the 26th of October, if past expansions (and leaks) are anything to go by.

Im sure i’ve seen dh did more than 50% hunt non-crit on pvp beta, just to remind this dmg wasnt counted with dot from the hunt

Welcome back, Jito!

That isn’t entirely true though, since there is “off-season” still ongoing during prepatches in these modern times.

And? Only things you can get during the off season are the rating achievements, I.e. 1550, 1750, 2k, 2.2, 2.4, 2.7. You can’t get glad, you can’t get illusions (afaik) or seasonal mounts. So in what way is the off season important?

You could in the BFA prepatch (quite a few PvE rogues oneshotting their way to demonic tyranny in that off-season during the BFA prepatch). Dunno about the SL prepatch. Hasn’t really been another one since, this will be the 3rd time now in a little less than a month from now.

^ Also, this quote is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on this forum, and that says a lot. People use rating achievements for group-finding. To corrupt the meaning of rating achievements has never been a good thing for that. It’s not good when something is broken in a regular season either.


And guess what, the achievements have dates on them. Doesn’t take a genius to look at the date of the achievement and connect it to the prepatch and make your own judgment about whether they got that achievement courtesy of the chaos of prepatch and off seasons and the inactivity of an off season.

Also there’s a certain rogue and certain disc priest on these forums that got their best ratings during an off season. There’s a certain other person that got his first achievements during a prepatch and currently plays the game at a higher level than you do, do you want to discredit them too?

Prepatch and off seasons have 0 importance whatsoever. Go and look up a bunch of people that have 2.4+ achievements and see how many of them got it during a prepatch or off season. Spoiler: there ain’t many.

And guess what Dumbass, this is about game design for the masses. Not everyone looks up dates on achievements, nor do they keep in mind when there was an off-season. You implying they’ve “only got themselves to blame” because Blizzard corrupted the meaning of the achievements themselves even further beyond just a broken spec during a regular season, is, I guess, as expected of you. Can’t expect a Dumbass to think like anything other than a Dumbass, after all.

Good for them, however completely irrelevant.

This isn’t about any specific achievement. It’s about people getting rapid gains rating-wise playing something completely broken, which is pretty typical for prepatches. Thus corrupts the meaning of the ratings they acquire, which can be 1750, it can be 2k, it can be 1550, it can be whatever, point is that they’re going far above where they should be and then they can use that to corrupt the meaning of what they achieve by further messing up the “pug landscape” so to speak, for the masses who doesn’t do their due diligence.

How does this seem like a good design concept, in your mind? Explain your Dumbass logic now, please. Other than “Pfuh, who tf cares, bro. I’ll chug my beer while trolling, mwahahah.”

That sounds like your own problem. If you think the prepatch and the off season are important because of the effect it has on people ‘abusing’ OP specs to get to X rating, you will look at when the achievements were earned for the first time and look at achievements from recent previous seasons then use some logic and reasoning. Of course you don’t have to do this very often since you type on here more than you play.

Cry more.

Prepatch isn’t important and it means nothing. After all, the achievements aren’t tied to a specific season the same way that challenger duelist elite and glad are in the sense that they have to be earned during the season. Go and cry to Blizzard if you want the wording of the achievement changed, but the way it works right now makes perfect sense, and like I said it means next to nothing because you can’t get any rewards other than the rating achievements, which by the literal wording of the achievement is fair.

So if you invite a 10 year challenger that has a random 2.2 or 2.4 achievement, then yeah you can’t be surprised if they’re horrendous if you didn’t bother to use some common sense.

I look up everything on everyone when I pug, although it’s been a while since I pugged anything. If you’re unable to put yourself in other people’s shoes because you’re a Dumbass, then just admit it.

You clearly don’t even comprehend the argument itself anyway.

Oh, so they changed it when the illusions were unlocked in players’ wardrobes automatically? Because demonic tyranny was purchasable just by hitting the rating during the BFA prepatch, which made a lot of new people run around with it.
But that was still purchased from a vendor back then, unlike the illusions in BFA and SL.

I am sure RMP will counter it.

Oh I comprehend it okay, you think prepatch and off seasons are important because people can abuse x spec and get to a rating they’ve never been at before (just like every season ever), despite that the season locked rewards aren’t available anymore and there are resources available to everyone that lets them freely see when players earned Y achievement.

Again, people getting rated achievements during an off season is completely reasonable when the achievement doesn’t require them to earn it during the active season.