Dragonflight Season 2 Master


After you complete any part of the above feat of strength, you getting a [Draconic Mark of Mastery](https://www.wowhead.com/ptr/item=204843/draconic-mark-of-mastery) item.
Can you change the reward items descriptions so they are clearly marked which ones are for PVP and which ones are for PVE ?
Not paying attention bought the PVP hand item and realized it well after the 2 hour limit expired. All that work for nothing, had to sacrifice my last week’s vault to get the normal upgradeable hand tier set item.

Cooberius - Ragnaros

It happened to me too im so pissed off I took the pvp one thinking ok this item lvl is ok for a gifted item it was normal dindt even notice the pvp upgrade… and buy it … then i realized when it was too late 2 days afther there was pve upgradable headset… the one i needed the most

This is blizzard fault u cant put togheder same vendor pvp and pve stuff…

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