Dragonflight Season 3 Ends on 23 April

Dragonflight Season 3 Ends on 23 April

Find out what you can expect with the end of the season.

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Any planned Fyrakk MM nerfs? >.<

Idk how to feel. I think I’m worried that TWW is 5 months beyond DF S4. Which is a long time, but also still technically “summer”.

Realistically there probably is no hard deadline for TWW, but is it possible to let us know what the rough intended % of Fated season vs regular is?

They have nerfed Fyrakk and TSwift

Why didn’t these bosses START the season with this? We’ve just got through 550 pulls of people blowing up with lingering cynders only to be given 3 weeks for Fyrakk M (not gonna happen)


The short notice has annoyed a lot of guilds who still haven’t got CE and have been working on it.

This season is shorter than last and the raid is harder.

In an ideal world, fated % should be 0.

We’re being stolen actual content for recycled one, which nobody asked for. Blizzard didn’t learn from Sepulcher’s failure.

Which makes absolutely no sense. I really don’t get why blizzard is crapping on mid tier CE guilds.


no we ain’t… either you get a fated S4 with different dungeons for a couple of months at the end of the xpack, or you get a 1 year long s3 with the same raid and same dungeons FOR A YEAR… you decide.

There is no “actual content” that you are missing out on because of a fated season.

Apart from the CE issue he is highlighting.

i dont think i responded to that part? if i did i would’ve quoted it as well.

i responded to the “we are being stolen actual content for recycled one” hence the quote.
And he is wrong on that as i said.

I don’t like the recycled season, not everyone does. That’s fair enough.

Can we have some news on class tuning please?

What are your thoughts for S4 tuning?

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I’m being stolen time from Amidrasil to get CE.

So that’s being shortened and in exchange I’m getting :slight_smile:

Except they ain’t new, since we already played through them in Season 1 and 2. At least, SL’s fated season brought in dungeons we didn’t have.

Well, it used to be like this and nobody complained about that. Taking a break is also fine.

And that’s the thing : Shorter timespan for a harder tier compared to S2 feels like I’m being robbed from playing at my own pace.

At this moment, only 790 guilds got CE, compared to 1653 from Aberrus. That’s like half of these guilds being robbed of their progress time for no new raid nor dungeons. That’s not a good trade.
The only thing this will result in is killing more guilds.

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Bro ! :smiley:

Tons of people complained. And the silent majority did with their wallets by unsubing.

I will say the same thing they tell me when I complain that +29s are 1-shot and annoying…

Git-Gud. Nobody cares about the 1%. And that is totally true. Both for Raiding and M+. And PvP, or anything else. The game should not be balanced around those individuals.

Therefore, if you dont like the Mythic Raiding difficulty then ask blizz why the hell it launches the raid with RTWF balancing in mind (100 people at best) instead of the “regular players” (YOU) in mind.

But dont blame anyone else.

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Completely agreed.

Yes, Fated was a “success” in Shadowlands, but that was when it was compared to another 3 months of 9.2, which we were all weary of.

Vs the prospect of another raid tier, Fated feels pretty rubbish and low budget and idk why someone thinks it is ok to have this thing in by design. According to their user figures, Blizzard should be pulling ~$100 million per month out of WoW subs, there is plenty of money there to actually deliver real content :dracthyr_shrug:

As I’ve pointed out, it’s sometimes good to take a break rather than creating some FOMO by adding mounts only for fated (which wasn’t welcomed well).

I’d say those that don’t participate should shut it up.

It’s not a matter of balancing, I just do think balance wise, blizzard messed up Amidrasil hard. I mean, making it easier wouldn’t have hurted the vast majority of players. Heck, I’d say making Amidrasil easier across the board would have also helped LFR raiders !

I’m fine with harder tiers if their lifespan is longer. I’m not when they’re harder while also having shorter time to complete them.

That’s probably the only thing I agree with Asmon is that maybe no one cares if RWF lasts for a week rather than 2. It’s time to make raid for raiders, not profesionnal streamers.

I didn’t like Rubis Sanctum back in TLK, thinking this was a fake raid.

I’ve now completely change my mind and I’d take any kind of mini raid tier (3 bosses) over fated. That’d be actual new content.

And I agree with you.

And also. From what I have heard of Mythic Raiders… apparently what kills guilds are the 400/500 or so wipes per “hard” boss.

So even if the tier lasts for longer, its not healthy apparently to have super hard bosses. And I agree. Because back in ICC25HC (when I used to do that type of stuff) its exactly what happened.

You cant choose for everyone. Like I said to many people, ALL expansions (I underline ALL) had super long end-of-expansion patches. And those patches became stale and boring.

If I want to take a break, I dont need to wait for downtime in patches. I can do it mid-expansion whenever I want. And when I want to play, I play. And will ALWAYS have content to play. Its MY choice.

That is much healthier than having my playtime forced upon.

After seeing the “outdoor content” version, meh. I guess it’s in line with the group content though; recycled. Meh. I want to know what horror this pandamonium thing is.


Ahead of the Curve: Fyrakk the Blazing (Reward: Renewed Proto-Drake: Embodiment of Shadowflame)

Ok, first off the manuscript is not rewarded from AOTC. Secondly, does this mean it’s being removed along with the FoS? That shouldn’t be the case given the end-of-expansion mounts in the past left when the next expansion released.

Every single player in my guild thinks one per tier is fine. But we’ve got 2 in amidrasil and that’s the main gripe. We probably won’t be reclearing, understandably so, meaning benched won’t get their CE. As one of them, that’s a reason to leave my guild, which in turn will put my guild in an undesirable position of having only 1 AP buff and having a 22 players roster, bringing closer to not being able to raid at all.

I’d say mid patches are a good idea and should be pursued.
Sadly, I also think fated season become stale kind of quickly.