Draught of Ten Lands 10% xp being abused!

(Rafluno) #1

have seen a massive amount of people levling Trolls the new ones now, with Draught of Ten Lands, having so many buffs on them, increases their XP by 300% to 400%, including the Heirloomz, this is needed to be fixed!



I think it should stay just the way it is. You need 200 Honorbound Medals for 1 hour of 400% boost. The amount of time you have to put in getting these medals is probably more than you gain. Leveling is abysmal. Dungeon after dungeon after dungeon. You can’t even sign up for BGs cause by the time it finds a bg you’re already 120. Spending time on current content (darkshore WQs, war fronts) and then spending medals on potion that allows me to speed up lvling process is much more encouraging than running ten trillion dungeons.


im sorry but how is it being abusive to use an object that is purely intended to boost a lower level character with added xp and rep


Hey all,

Just want to confirm that this is being worked on, but also to remind you that posting (or actively using) potential exploits is not a good idea. Please read the Community Code of Conduct before posting again or creating new threads. You can find the Code of Conduct here: http://eu.battle.net/en/community/conduct.

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