Drop rate on Dust of Deterioration is bugged! Fix it already!

Seriously, since launch I got no Dust of Deterioration from any junkbox.
They should drop and make my life easier on making poisons.
I reported this ingame but I have no way of seeing how this bug is being treated. Is it even getting looked at? Do they know it exists??

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You just buy it usually?

Yes. The thing is, it’s suppose to drop from junkboxes from pickpocketing. But that’s the only poison ingredient that doesn’t drop from the junkboxes for some reason.

Now that you are mention it , i haven’t seen it myself as well. Though i don’t mind about that since i do not carry vials to make poisons on the spot. I am more interested in blind and flash power since i sometimes i have 0 on me after periods of fighting/pveing

This is very low in my priority list, probably at the very bottom. We still have to buy vials, and once in front of a vendor I just buy whatever reagents I need.

The pickpocketing bug/latency thingy where you have to loot the mob twice because autoloot didn’t work quickly enough is more annoying, and even that is still a minor nuisance.

I understand that, there are tons of bugs and frankly the ones I encountered today alone made me ask myself if blizzard just took a private server’s script and worked on that. I encountered bugs that are private server standard.
But still, 4 dusts for 1 poison is a lot of money which can be saved in the long run.

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