Druid Balance

Its absolutly no fun getting hit by 40K starsurge and Fullmoon 27K in 1 button, i am done with that game, ill unsub to this stupid dumb gameplay. (Convoke overall is just like pressing 1 button win. Doesnt Mather if that is a Balance druid or a Druid which coming in stealth to you press 1 button and you died before you cant even react.

Retry Paladins / Tank Paladins as well Word of Glory WAAAAY to powerfull.

Ill unsub, got enough and no you dont get my gold.

Screenshot 40K Starsurge

Customer Support hold no sway in game development or class balancing I’m afraid.

Maybe I should level my boomkin. That looks fun.

really, rogue complaining druid? with typical gameplay to kill in 0.6 sec from the back?