Druid needs Class Talent Rework very badly

There is way too much stuff to pick up and pathing is absolutely horrible.
In way too many instances, people don’t even pick any of the capstones.
When I play Shaman, the difference is very obvious.

As a Feral, when picking talents

  • I don’t have room to pick any capstones
  • I have to pick stuff I don’t care very much about (Soothe) just to pick stuff I care about very much (Stampeding Roar)
  • unlike Shaman I cannot easily pick Dispel Curse - I have to pick 2 other healing talents most people don’t pick, so even if I want dispel Curse, I don’T want to sacrifice 3 talents just because there’s no reasonable pathing nor choice
    • on Shaman I can easily pick it up as it is on the way there easily
  • Astral Influence for Feral is locked behind Moonkin Form… and let’s be honest, nobody is going to use it ever, so it feels super horrible to be forced into another 3 dead talents and 2 very bad talents just to pick another talent to have mandatory thing - Cyclone
  • Stuff like Well-Honed Instict should be one pointer… the second point investment has like 25% of the value of first point invested,… makes no sense
  • Thick Hide should be requirement for Iron Fur, not the other way around…

I am so much forced into picking active abilities I do not want just to pick different active or passive abilities I do want. That feels overall horrible and it’s sad it’s not addressed when similar things has been adressed during Beta for other classes.


Meanwhile rogues pick every trait and its practically given to them xd

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The Druid talents are designed for the hybrid that no longer exists because the number tuning is so hideous and Blizzard keeps gatekeeping the abilities necessary to play like one. It wouldn’t be a problem to have to get some healing talents if they actually did anything. Last time I tried feral a Regrowth healed for like 12k :rofl:

Feral is in an absolute state. It’s so so so horrible. I can’t stand it.


Agree first expansion i have not played my druid actually, played priest instead healing feels awful to me on druid. :heart:

i love my druid <3 best class in this patch right now.

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Not trying to be rude but you play PvP since BFA and the highest youve been is 1570 in 2s.
So you just stating this without trying to bring you down or anything but you havent presented any argument to throw claims lile this and like, that just makes a person wonder where you coming from and yeah… 1.6.

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Is this PvP feedback? Because saying Cyclone is mandatory but Soothe isn’t wanted very much sounds like PvP feedback.

I agree that their tree is kinda all over the place, and that their cleanse is one of the least accessible of all classes. However, it looks to me like OP wants to have their cake and eat it too, having every utility present on the tree.

And this is why new talent system is bad. They just took all active abilities (even the dispels and kicks, lol), mixed with some garbage like 10% armor and served it to you as a revolutionary feature.
Is it okay for devs to hear something like:

  • hey dps, why no kick/dispel? we wiped because of that
  • I didn’t pick it in the talent tree looooooooooool

Also, as you stated, some routes are just crazy and dumb. And two sharing abilities are just totally different. Why for example holy priest have to choose between cheat death and 2 charges of holy words? What’s the logic behind it?
Also I think basic abilities like kick/dispel/cc should be learnt by default.

There is nothing wrong with the talent system. Of course abilities would be put into the system. Did you expect to get 100 new things on top of what we already had? That would’ve been unplayable. Bad enough as it is.

The Druid design is just confused at its core. They’ve forgotten that Druids are a shapeshifter hybrid and in so doing forgotten that each form needs a baseline of spells to be useful at all.

This was also the case before the revamp so it’s not surprising it made it into the new system.

There are also a number of abilities that just don’t do anything from a design point of view. You need to use them, but things like a buff to your healing that’s temporary to prevent you from having good healing for all time. This is also solved by mana. It’s a stupid, confused class, and it really grinds my gears because it was my main.


Do you want them to bring all current abilities and passives to baseline and rework talent tree to add 1000 new ones or smth?
New tree is great because i can remove implosion when i don’t need multitarget and invest points into something that gives me more numbers in single target, pre dragonflight implosion was with me in baseline forever whether i wanted it or not

wait, this is a pvp thread o.o i thought some dude is just talking about class talents lol

Yes, the druid class tree is in a terrible state. We’ve told them about it over and over again with every new main patch and mini patch, but I’m pretty sure no-one on the dev team has a clue how to fix it, so they’re just ignoring it and hoping the problem will go away.

I’ve suggested they take the class tree layout from one of the other hybrid classes as a starting point, start slotting druid talents into it, and develop it from there, but it’s apparently still too much work for them.

In this case, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a pvp thread or not. One thing all druid players can agree on, regardless of what content they do most, is that the class tree needs a complete rework.


Its not bad talent design, if u go to m+ or pvp without taking a kick u are a retard thats it. Not blizzard fault.

if you say druid tree is alright then youre all delusional.

So you agreed and then you disagree.
Druid is suposed to be a true hybrid yet its not for this very exact reason.
It is supposed to be with most of its utilities it has always been except foe DF.
Past 5 patches we lost more abilities than we gained compared to any other class.
Take a look at the rogue tree for example.
Rogues can pick literally all utilities, damage increase talents and defensives plus 99% of desired talents. and they do.
Also their PvE picks are not mixed up with pvp ones as druids, resulting in them choosing 1 utility spell over other mandatory traits and not having enough points.
Example: You gotta pick Soothe if you wonna pick Charge, and gl playing without a gapcloser if you dont wonna do that.
Youre forced into Ironfur, Moonkin Form, and movement improvement talents are also hard to pick resulting in you picking defensives over them because feral is squishy but the problem in not picking mobility traits is that the other classes get movement reworks every patch and your mobility is awkwardly underperforming at times.

And as for the cake in that matter we didnt get to have one, we are B- tear.

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Yes, but as Moonkin DPS you don’t want to go damage in Cat Form and vice versa. Case can be made for healing buttons and Bear Form as for survivability and utility… but Moonkin and Cat Form don’t make sense.

This is one of the things that Blizzard thought it would be nice to have like bit of each spec in class tree, but it super doesn’t make any sense with how Feral and Moonkin works since they don’t want the other one’s damaging buttons ever.

It’s talent-tree feedback, but from PvP POV in which you need Cyclone, but you don’t care about Soothe. Even in scenarios in which you can use it, it’s superhorrible waste of GCD. The only use for Soothe is to throw it into Warrior reflect, so it removes reflects from Warrior and does nothing to you. That’s the only use of reflectable “do nothing” button.

Since other classes don’t have issue of having cake and eat it too, then yes, I want Feral to be on par with other classes.
Imagine if Paladin had to pick talents that work only with Shield equipped and had to spend 6 talent points into shield-abilities as Retribution to pick Hammer of Justice.
That would be absolutely horrible.
And that’s how Feral is right now.

Will of course not, the buttons are trash unless you have 3000 modifiers for them which are all conveniently located in that spec’s tree.

I genuinely don’t see why ferals shouldn’t be able to send some damage from range if you’re chasing barely not well enough, or why their heals should do 12k, or why bear form should be useful only for as long as Frenzied Regen is up.

If there is a raid mechanic that forces melee to run and stand at range for a bit, why shouldn’t the feral be able to land a few starfires? Why shouldn’t the feral be able to top someone off during intense healing moments while out of energy anyway?

The reasons they don’t play like this is that the abilities that don’t belong to your own spec are so insanely undertuned it literally don’t make sense to press them for any reason, even compared to pressing nothing at all. It’s just going to get you out of your zone.

I would contend that if you don’t like mixing your shapes together then you shouldn’t play druid. But I lost this fight. A long time ago… to the same designer who gave us Convoke.

But she quit. Maybe there’s hope. Not holding my breath though.

No, they don’t need it very badly. Before they rework druid, they need to fix dps monks. Also, resto druids have just received a rework anyway, and guardian is very beginner friendly.

rEwOrK = removing a bunch of spells and traits ?

What does resto druids getting a rework have to do with ferals?

Honestly, I love the tree. I mean, nothing is perfect, but I am quite happy with CC, dispels, interrupts and similar being talents. There is more to this game than min maxing, and you speak from the PoV of being all about that perfect endgame group content player. It’s lovely that we are able to spec away from it if we rather want something else.