Druid Races Too Limited!


I have been thinking on this subject a lot recently, but I really think that the races that can pick Druid are way too limited.

For some reason Druids are more heavily race-restricted than any other class (other than Demon Hunters which I will forgive because they are trained in such a specific way) and although I understand keeping some sense of ‘culture’, I think there are a lot of missed opportunities for really interesting combinations.

What grinds my gears most of all is that there is no way for a Horde player to make a druid capable of wearing shoes! Two types of tauren, two types of troll, not a single shoe between them.

Mag’har could have had druids of the Everbloom for a start, that would have been an interesting new take on the class which has been entirely ignored.

The idea of Druids being Lore-restricted… ok, I guess I get that. But are we saying that since Vanilla, no elves, orcs, humans or draenei have bothered to wander over to the Cenarion Circle and asked to be trained?

TL;DR I want a druid wearing shoes, but the Alliance is there waiting for me if I do

(Daltor) #2

[ Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes]

(Cedrad) #3

Well, the main reason is the additional work required. All Blizzard needs to do to make most non-hero class available to certain race is to just change some things in the database and come up with a starting gear. For shamans they need to make new totems, they are quite small models. For Paladins more work is needed, they need to make a new mount model. Lastly for Druids they need to make new cat form, new bear form, new flight form, new moonkin at least. And then travel and aquatic forms are also welcome.

That’s why druid races are so limited. They require 4-6 new additional creature models to be made.

(Weper) #4

Lol, i thought i’m the only one. I can recommend you the Vicious Flamepaws. (It works with Zandalri trolls, idk if it works with normal trolls.)
It looks really nice. (Well, better than nothing :stuck_out_tongue: )


But wearing shoes is pretty pointless for druids expect when rping. since you are going to be shapeshifted 99% of the time.

(Weper) #6

Not really. Restoration and Balance druids aren’t always shapeshifted.

(Steala) #7

No, just no. Don’t try to destroy the uniqueness of this class with some abomination like “Druids of the Everbloom”, which makes no sense anyway in the Lore. Accept the Horde races or go to the Alliance.


Still confused they didn’t go with Mag’har druids, fits them so well. Yeah they had no druidism in Draenor, but there’s plenty of other races that adopted classes they didn’t have originally, like night elf mages (shunned, no mages in darnassus), goblin shamans, so on.


Just let every race be every class. I mean if I am a Blood Elf that don’t really care to much for arcane magic and mages but I rather love being out in nature and is fascinated by the Tauren race, their rituals and history. Would it not make sense that I would go and attend a Tauren Druid school and have the Tauren teach me all of nature and being a Druid? The same goes for every other class. If I want to be a Shaman I will get an existing Shaman race to teach me all about the elements and how to control them.


No, opposite, they should stay with taurens and night elves as druids. It’s logical from lore, trolls and humans (kul tiras) are so unnatural.
Druids doesn’t need boots, they are connected to nature and 99% time transformed. If you are transmog guy, you picked wrong spec.


With blood elves it could work other way as well, by having sort of magi “druids” and having the shapeshift forms be either very powerful illusions or a new form of polymorph.
Not that hard to imagine and it would not be the first time class of a race not being really that class (Tauren paladins and priests are basically balance druids without the balance… Or well, were until legion happened).
With some, like for instance druid forsaken or Draenei it could be a bit more tricky, however seeing shapeshifts done with pure light would be quite amazing to see.
On the other hand with Shamans, the lore reason for goblin shamans basically tells us that anyone can be a shaman if you are convincing enough while talking to an elemental.

(Henoriel) #12

So much this… I can more or less accept troll druids since they have always existed. But human druids… /spit

It’s so obvious what op wants : belf druids, like all the other barbie lovers that preceded him.
Please just stop…

So that the whole horde turns into belves ? No ty.


Ok lets see what these special snowflake forum druids demand now for a change.

(Seralya) #14

I think we have too many. It should have been just Night Elves and Taurens. All the rest are just masquerading as druids really …

(Yinghei) #15

I think Blizzard have really set the precedent about class identities and they have become alot more fluid of late.
I mean drust druids are all about murder, witchcraft and creepy rituals and yet they are still apparently druids!
In other words if you can suitably justify why a race might turn into a cat or bear then they should be able to play that class (even if you call them something else). For instance I can see a gnome in a transformer style mech suit playing the role or equally a Forsaken alchemist who has worked out how to transmute their flesh into an undead bear or stag.
Its the same with Paladins…Id believe any race having a ‘holy’ warrior if they just had a cause they believed in strongly enough.

Its why I cant see belf druids though. Just cant see anyway it could fit with the history or personality of a belf.

(Steala) #16

That’s nonsense. Gorak’tul was a new threat in Drustvar.

(Yinghei) #17

Thornspeakers celebrate death as much as life…its why their animal forms look more like voodoo dolls then real animals. Thats just lore.
Its also why I can see other races embracing druidism, just in a different way then the original races.

(Verngard) #18

What gave you that idea?
The Thornspeakers are protectors of the cycle of life and seek to stop the corruption of Gorak’tul and his evil cronies.

(Steala) #19

Their power still comes from a Wild God. The most things which you say are just headcanon. I recommend you to read this:



Depends if healer or in astral form.