Druid Races Too Limited!


I am unsure how you got to me being a ‘barbie lover’ who wants belf druids when the only specific race I mentioned in the OP was Mag’har Orcs but ok. xD

I want more variety and I think there is enough room in the lore for more than just “Cenarion” school druids - especially as Worgen, Kul’Tirans and Zandalari don’t comply with that way of druidism already. Simple as.

I wouldn’t say that having every class playable as every race is wise, but I do think more than the current druid selection would be nice.

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That’s nonsense because it isn’t true. Read Wowpedia before you say something like that. Goblin Shamans aren’t a argument. I mean if you get a bad grade it doesn’t mean that you need to support it with an other bad grade. I’m wonder that you play on a RP Realm…



Worgen Druids learned their stuff from the old Harvest Witches.
Kul’Tirans are primarily Drust druids.
Zandalari get their magic from Loa.

None of this is “Cenarion School” druidism, where they went to Moonglade and learned it through the teachings of Cenarius to the Night Elves, who in turn taught it to the Tauren. I guess Darkspear and Worgen ended up learning here after Cata though, now that I think about it :thinking:

…And where did I mention Goblin Shamans? I don’t see what relevancy they have to begin with.

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No, Worgen Druids got an upgrade from Harvest Witchest to Druids by the Cenarion Circle. We don’t have many information about Thornspeakers but there are two Wild Gods in Drustvar from which one of them have a gimmick specially for Druids. So we can speculate that they’ve got the power from them. Loa Gonk = Wild God. You see that it seems that all of them earned the power from Wild Gods. Orcs have no connection to Wild Gods.


Pandaren and
Druids !!!

And we want them now

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We already have dead looking druids, your application for druidism has been rejected.

Pretty much this. Harvest Witches were botanists with weak nature magic to help accelerate plant growth to prevent famine.

They straight up axed Cenarius when they first met him.

If I remember correctly, Gonk spoke to Zen’tabra and told her about druidism.
My Troll lore is very minimal.

Shamans make sense, Druids don’t. Not unless you want to pull a questionable card and have Botani Orc Druids being a thing.
It’s sketch as all hell, but the lore is bend out of shape enough already for this to get a pass if they BS enough with it.


People need learn that choices matter and they cant have everything. They need to learn to pick something and accept that they’ll lose out on other things!

Also, the Everbloom is a Draenor version of the Old Gods. Its a parasitic hivemind that just wants to spread itself. It is not something that can be bonded with without being subjugated by it and made into zombie.

Also, all Orcs are not naturalistic. They use the land rather than live with it. They revere the elements but you can see from their civilisation that they are not like any Druidic Race.

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And yet we have voidelves who should be the exact same thing, but are not.

I honestly stopped caring about race/class combinations since we got Goblin Shamans.
I don’t believe the class lore could be any more tarneshed.

Flowerpicker Clan.
I want Blizzard to bring them back from WoD Beta and run with it.


their tanking for is them getting on 4 or?


Would be strange for a bear race to change their form to a different kind of bear XD

On the serious note, Pandaren are prolly one the races, which could have Druid class - they are patient, calm, they worship Wild Gods etc. I can see that happening and I would not protest against it. On the other hand I believe that Blizz is reasonable enough to not create abominations like Forsaken druid. Ugh even typing it seems wrong…

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I think they will never get the class because a) nobody cares about Pandaren and b) they’re already bears.

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And here I was thinking I was cool showing off my toes.

Except I am wearing the wrong mog shoes atm. I am usually showing my toes. Dunno what went wrong the last time I mogged. I’ll be fixing as soon as I get online! I need to show off my adorable toes!

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Not limited enough! Night Elves are the one true Druid race :crescent_moon:

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The argument against race restrictions could be made against all class/race restrictions, and if that was done the game would be much lesser for it. Just because some races hang out in areas with flowers does not make them Druids and shapeshifters. Just because I hearth in Dalaran doesn’t mean we should have Tauren mages.

If you want the be a Druid then simply play Druidic races, there are much more options now than there ever has been before.

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Looks like someone doesn’t know their lore then.

Tauren and Night Elves learned Druidism from Cenarius, Malfurion was the first Druid and he spread it to other Night Elves and eventually Tauren as well.

Everyone else learned it from different sources, like Trolls were taught by Gonk for example.
My guess would be that this is the reason why it feels so unnatural to you.
It’s the same with Paladins, they should have vastly different powers dependent on race but because of game mechanics they are the same.

What would probably feel even more unnatural is that Blizz could just decide that Blood Elves could suddenly be Druids, they even teased it all the way back in TBC in Botanica. One of the bosses is a Blood Elf but has Druid abilities.


…and Gnome Druids… I want a robotic kitty/bear form please

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One boss who was a botanist. Then we never heard of Belf druids ever again.
Same will be said for the Nightborne, they had one druid boss and we’ll forget all about them hinting at Nborne druids.

Mecha-gnome druids make more sense really.


I’ll take that :slight_smile:

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That whole dungeon had that vibe.
We probably never heard about that because people seemed to not like it (like in this thread), not surprising.

Botanist in Nighthold was a little different, he basically made himself into a plant, the mobs in Botanica were just using the standard Blood Elf model.

I don’t think we’ll ever see one of these two have druids added to them, it’s just pointing to the fact that if it does happen we have evidence of Blizz doing it before.


I can feel your agony since you are Undead / Horde and you need somethin cool to play as Druid …
Let me guess … Blood Elfs ?

I had same problem back then.
Thank God i rerolled Alliance early BfA.

Now i laid back and play my sexy af Nelf Druid