Druid Races Too Limited!

(ßubbletea) #42

I think its about time to have more options opened to unique classes, like if I am a Nightborne and am interested in the planet that I thought ceased to exist til recent events I would want to take care of it and aid the elements , and learn the ways of a shaman I mean they got monks and in Suramar you now see Pandaren training them.


It always depends on the race and its traditions, culture religion etc… I can’t see Nightborne becoming shaman because they overall just lack certain traits.

Edit: Even Nb Priest does not give much sense. Correct me if I am wrong but I have not met any priest in Suramar, they do not worship Elune, the Light or Void/some shadow entity.

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True , but there are groups cant define a race as a whole like look at the kultrian druids


Thornspeakers seem to be there for a long time though and they are Kul Tirans.

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I love these druid ideas :grinning: But popular rumour a while back was for a tinker class, and that would surely use the meat of these concepts.

Paladins… I mean good lawd I want a pandalin so bad, but the short version is it requires a fanatical dedication to the light. And pandaren aren’t fanatical. Because if they are, then the sha eat them. Orcs? Apparently they only just found the light in any capacity. Goblins? Heck naw (they shouldn’t be shamans either, imho, since they are all about breaking and taking, but I guess they are seen as ‘negotiating’ with the elements). Worgen? Apparently being cursed is a problem.

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yes, but nightborne monks are existing and they deal with nature magic


We can see that in the game … but from what I can say for Blizz they are just Kung-fu masters, because then Forsaken Monks are completely against the Lore.

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and void elf, but Im glad they are there giving more options is always a good thing


You know I feel pretty bad for monks because their lore is just a mess :confused:

Edit: Frankly Void elves give a bit more sense if we say that Monks get their powers from Wild Gods - Nature, then Forsaken as Undead should have zero possibility in becoming one.

(Korrina) #51

Maybe not shaman, but druid…consider how much their society is dependant on druidic knowledge and how uncertain their relationship with the druids that help them is. They should be striving to learn druidism and be self sufficient for the sake of keeping the Arcan’dor alive and well.

If Blizzard was any better at writing these stories I would be surprise that this is not a question. After all the Horde burned down Teldrassil, I’m sure the druids in Suramar know of that, know that the nightborne are allied with the Horde, they can’t be happy or feeling particularly helpful towards them now.

Any way, if any race at this point needs to learn druidism is the nightborne. Their survival depends on that knowledge, it doesn’t make sense for me to leave your very existence on the hands of other races, even if they are allied and friendly to you one day, you never know when the tide might change.


And yet they did not show any interest in learning anything about how to even treat Arcan’dor throughout the story, even when it was in imminent danger. I bet that they do not care about it now, when they didn’t back there. But that is due to strange writing.

Valewalker Farodin is neutral, his solely taks is to take care and defend Arcan’dor. You could use the same logic as why the Nightborne even stayed with the Horde afterwards and did not change their faction immediately + theyshould have offered shelter and help to Night elven refugees. This is true to more races, I cannot understand why Blood elves or Tauren were present in Darkshore…

Ultimatelly they are not gonna need the tree forever, once everyone is cleansed of their addiction, they could prolly let it even die, since they do not seem to care that much.

(Korrina) #53

That they don’t seem to care just shows how poorly Blizzard wrote that part of the story in my opinion :confused:


Yeah, I know, it is strange that they do not seem to be invested in their salvage :confused:

But we should take that as a fact, even though it is odd … they can change it in the future, but it might just create even weirder situation. (if it revolves around Arcan’dor)

(Keyur) #55

It’s personal perspective -

I think only human should be pala.
Only orc could be shaman
Only NE can have druids
Etc etc

But hey it doesn’t match all other people opinion.

(Bairen) #56

Gnome Druid Guardian Form: Hedgehog


Gnome Druid Flight Form: Humming Bird

Will actually work well for Vulpera Druids too.

(Ishayu) #58

Originally Druids were supposed to be Male Night Elf only, but Blizzard have given tons of takes on the Druid class by now.

The problem with just “walking over and asking to be trained” is that becoming a Druid in the warcraft universe isn’t that easy. You need the blessing of a wild god, in many cases you need so much training that most races would grow old by the time they’re ready, and so on.

There’s been a few more takes on Druids as of late that has made it possible, but for the most part I’d just say this: Deal with it.

(Aylish) #59


Kul Tiran culture seems be heavily built on druidism(thornspeakers) and the tidesages. How can you have missed this?

There is also a reason why Druid was the only known class available for playable Kul Tirans for a long time. It was an obvious choice.

(Henoriel) #60

A little group of Kul Tirans who live in Drustvar and inherited the way of nature from a random Drust does in no way make the Kul Tiran culture heavily built on druidism. As far as I’m concered, I’ve never seen any hint of that In boralus, unlike the tidesages who, in comparison to the thornspeakers, do seem be a big part of the Kul Tiran culture.

The again, those are closer to shamans and share nothing with druids.

(Daltor) #61

They’re not little, have you seen them? They’re quite big.
It’s also not just one single drust that taught them druidism, it was a few, but Ulfar is the only one left now.
Ulfar is far from random as well, he was the one to lead the rebellion against Gurak to begin with.

The founder of Drustvar, Arom Waycrest also had a personal connection to the wild god, Athair known as the “White Stag, the heart of the forest”