Dungeon Drops

Every Dumgeon should drop 1 piece of equipment every run for every player. Massively reducing the time needed to farm an item whilst still leaving plenty of farming in there



at least for timwalking , its very frustrating , had 40 runs on my rouge cos for nothing

This ruined the experience since launch of this expansion. Anima is not a good reward. At least they could spend some mats for flask or food

what they don’t understand, we farm this stuff for days in legion timewalking and nothing drops! They want us to keep paying for the game. But exactly this burns out players. Doing stuff and dont get any rewards. What a waste of time wow is sometimes lol. We better play some elden ring or other more fun games like a 3$ indy game vampire survivors :laughing:

Yes! A thousand times yes! It feels rewarding and SL is missing exactly that. SL was punishment from the beginning.

More loot, more fun, less gating, less Ion

i have done 10 mythics so far this week and i got 0 loot
In general i have not complained that much in this expansion even if i know it is not great i still have fun with my friends but if they dont fix loot dont expect me in 10.0 even if it is great.
Add vendors for M+ like you do in season 4 or increase the drop rate in everything it is just so annoying not to get rewarded after 10 mythics and get bad loot in great vault!!! Fix it now pls!!