Dungeon Encounter Adjustments - 8 June

Hello everyone.

We’ve recently deployed a hotfix that adjusts the difficulty of a several dungeon encounters. Here are the changes:

  • Necrotic Wake
    • Nalthor the Rimebinder
      • Icebound Aegis absorb reduced by 20% on Mythic difficulty.
  • Sanguine Depths
    • Executor Tarvold
      • Castigate damage reduced by 20%.
    • Grand Proctor Beryllia
      • Agonize damage reduced by 20%.
      • Fixed an issue causing some abilities to scale with the Fortified affix instead of the Tyrannical affix.
  • Spires of Ascension
    • Astronos, Lakesis, and Klotos
      • Health reduced by 20%.
      • Aura of Intimidation damage reduced by 20%.
  • Theater of Pain
    • Xav the Unfallen
      • Seismic Leap damage reduced by 10%.

We’re over a year and a half into the expansion, and you just found this?


Not gonna lie, that is impressive!

Crazy what manages to go under the radar for so long.

This does also make me wonder why all of a sudden Blizzard has started making big changes, hopefully its something that stays as a regular thing going forward but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

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