Dwarf gaming 2013 pro gamepleay (khaz modan best player)(sponsored by falstad wildhammer)

You know how most guilds have that one token dwarf?
Every guild should have one.

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If RBGs were based again…

Every guild should have at least 3 dwarves.
One from each clan.

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Forgot to mention this but this applies to the Horde too. Even they have to have at least one dwarf, or as Ranko suggested, three dwarves.

Finally, a shĂ­tpost I can get behind.

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I look at the red flag.

I’m not quite sure how to do that over there.

We have a token dwarf.

But we can’t have three token dwarves because Wildhammers are too goodie two-shoes for the underworld.

And most of them don’t even live in a mountain.


Quilboars, we use quilboars instead.

Who needs to be part of the underworld when you can rain hell down from the skies


based? based on what?

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