Dwarf plate

Hi all, i need an advice im on the process of levelling a new paladin and im undecided on wheter to roll it human or dwarf.
Fact is i always loved dwarves but im afraid that transmog will look bad on them cause its an important aspect of the game for me.
What do you think? Should i stay with the safer bet aka human? Or do plate mog look decent on dwarves too?
Anybody has a cool dwarf plate transmog to show and help me decide?

Class Trial would be your friend here, make a dwarf plate wearer, log in and pop open your Transmog Collection and have a look right there ingame to see how it all looks :smiley:

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Oh really? I did not know you could do that, i’ll check it out thanks.

Male Dwarves are, in my not-so-humble opinion (have you seen my new HD face?? FAB!) some of the best lookers in plate armor! Their stocky build complements the bulky nature of most gear aimed at plate-wearers that don’t skip around meadows with holy light sparkling out of their jazz fingers.

Oh… You wanna roll one of those. I see… Well, male Dwarves make even Paladins look good!


Honestly dwarfs look amazing in armor… really makes it look like an armored iron ball screaming and chopping away (if warrior that is)

I’m rolling one myself… dark iron dwarf warrior, gonna have the racial armor on.

Download >>mogit<< addon and make your favorite outfit and then swap the race between human and dwarf and see the difference.

Will try it out thanks!

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