<Dwarven Excavation Co> Dwarf-only RP-guild on ZT


Proud Dwarfs of Ironforge!

“Its time to expand our archaeological and mining operations in Azeroth.
King Magni Bronzebeard, Lord of Ironforge has approved the Dwarven Excavation Co the right of prospecting, excavation and mining operations by all possible means to secure the flow of ore to our great capital.
We shall not disappoint King Magni, and get rich in the process!”

So, the plan is a dwarf-only guild where we RP what dwarfs do best! Drink! And of course dig! This is just a draft, what the guild develops into, we will see over time.
I do not want to be the only decision maker, I want all dwarfs in the guild to influence the Dwarven Excavation Co.

Some things I would like to see:
-Focus on Rp. Of course we will level up to 60 and play the game as intended (grind, dungeons, questing, get ganked etc), but while we do keep the RP spirit alive.
-Worldpvp, where we defend what we decide is ours.
-Rp-events, (what they will be remains to be seen)
-Some kind of endgame. (mine some ore i Molten core?)

Do you like the idea? Add Vokk#2365 and we can talk about it.
People have apparently stopped using ventrilo since I last played… :wink:
Maybe we can organize a Discord if needed.

Best regards, DR.Bergenbour chief archaeologist of the Dwarven Excavation Co

Zandalar Tribe Dwarfonly rp guild?

Count me in.


Discord doesn’t find anybody called Vokk#2365. Can you double-check your name?


Its my wow id, no discord yeti!


I was actually looking for a dwarf only guild. Count me in!


Awesome! Add Vokk#2365!


Yes! Count me in! I want to be a dwarf warrior tank. Already added you Vokk. #ForTheHorde#13415 is my battle.net id


We now have a discord: https://
Join us and help form The Dwaren Excavation Co.


Still lookin’ fer new recruits.
Contact us wherever ye like, and book yer interview today!


PS. Just to clarify, we’re a low-stress community of Dwarf players. Right now we’re doing some leveling and RP a bit (sometimes even when questing together), but there is absolutely no pressure or obligatory event sign-ups.

So, all in all, if ye enjoy bein’ a dwarf, doin’ and talkin’ dwarf stuff, yer more than welcome to sign up with us!


Aye. We been haveing weekly RP-events this far. And a good 20 dwarves are members in The guild.

Its not to late to join! Contact us on Discord or ingame.

Best regards DR.Bergenbour Grand Archaeologist


We’re still open to all respectable dwarves lookin’ fer a cozy place to call their home.

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