<Easy Takers> Recruiting for Mythic raiders

Easy Takers are a semi-hardcore guild with a casual approach. This means we do value progress, but are not willing to sacrifice all to achieve it. Some of our members are a bit older and have real life obligations, such as jobs/kids/etc.

At the moment we are Recruiting some specific classes to fill up our roster for Mythic raiding!
The Classes we are Recruiting atm are:

  • Mage (High Demand)
  • Rogue (High Demand)
  • Hunter (High Demand)
  • Resto shaman (Very high demand)

U are welcome to join as social and be happy to do some different activities with the guild we offer help in M+ if needed and we have a discord server that can be used anytime of the day so feel free to join for a chat with the mates.

At the moment we are currently raiding Wednesday (Alts) Fridays (Mains) and sundays (Mains).
We raid from 8 Pm - 10:30 Pm server time.


  • Have a Good attitude, be nice and helpful to your guildies.
  • Respect the guild rules
  • Just have fun!

Add any of the officers:

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