Ele shamans potency conduits are weak for PVP?

Hey i just tried out Elemental for some arena and I only found that (except the covenant conduit) , only Call of flame is good. The one that they are forced to play is a resto defensive conduit. On resto you have at least 2 good potency and on my alt warrior both specs have at least 2 good potency conduits.
Why only Elemental has 1 good potency only?
Is this the case with other classes too ?

Ele is a bit unlucky in that regard, yes. The only other “okayish” conduit, but only for PvE content, is high voltage. But it sucks for PvP because you almost never want to hardcast Lightning Bolt without Stormkeeper…

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lucky for you is that also the finesse and def conduits are also trash


ele only has like 2 conduits that are worthwhile (fire ele duration and earth ele max HP)

You really going to disrespect the wave conduit like this???

you mean the one that never procs?

I’ve had it procc 5 times in a row. :man_shrugging:

so you are stealing my procs

you mean our proccs?

Fire elemental conduit and Necrolord conduit (which is RNG and in my opinion worse than other covenants that’s steady).
Other than these two everything else is useless…
I have 3 characters and play almost each spec of each class and each has at least 3 good potency.
Elemental PVP shamans play with a resto potency conduit, which in my opinion shouldnt be this way.

We are so squishy that we are forced to use 1 Resto conduit anyway.

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