Elemental Feels Slow

Why don’t they make the casts instant like BM Hunter?..instead of everything 1.4 seconds here then 1.6 seconds there, without giving it that extra power for when you have to move and lose the cast the next one needs to land for extra.

I don’t get it, love the idea of shaman just always plays so slow


Sounds like you should play melee

Do you even play elemental? . Ele has quite a few instacasts if you know how to play. All the shocks are instant. With Grace, ele can cast on the move as well. If you want all to be instacast, then like the other guy said , you need to play melee or BM. I have a BM as well, but after maining it for ages I stopped playing it cos its just so boring to look at.

I dunno man, with the searing flames, primordial surge and windspeaker’s lava resurgence talents I spend 90% of my time using instant lava bursts and earth shocks

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