Elemental mastery scaling, why is it so bad?

Question is in the title, i don’t remember mastery being so bad in legion/bfa, but nothing really changed, so, what happened?

Should they add shocks to mastery at like 3/4 of the effectiveness or half so it’s actually competitive? I really don’t wanna use versatility in place of mastery. Versa can just disappear as far as i’m concerned in pve.

Part of it is that prior to Shadowlands, secondary stats scaled linearly, so you always got a fixed % for each stat point.

With SL, you get less % from stat points at certain breakpoints, making it less attractive to stack a single stat.

The other part is that as an Ele Shaman, it’s better to buff all your damage by a % point (including your mastery procs, which scale off of the initial hit) than it is to give 3 of your spells a chance to deal extra damage and give extra resources.

There’s a talent in the DF tree that causes Earth Shock, Elemental Blast and Earthquake to trigger an overload based on our mastery at 50% effectiveness.

That’s good, that we have a way to make mastery scale better in dragon.

But as i said in another post, i don’t think it was just the secondary stat diminishing returns that made secondary stats scale way lower than primary.

I am not necessarily against primary stats scaling better, but i definitely did not like the diminishing returns.

I was reffering to Vers, not Int.

It’s just mathematically better to get a % damage boost on everything over a possible damage boost with bonus resources on 3 spells.

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