Elemental shaman pvp viable?

just want to hear your opinions abot ele shamy in arena, mainly low rating where i think theres alot of teams with 2 meelees on it, hate being trained without being able to do nothing but i hate to play meele so im trying to find a caster for pvp and i refuse to play destro lock or fire mage

I have been playing with frost mage and ele shamman as holy priest. We reached eaqily 2.1k and then we stopped playing. You need to learn positioning within the team.

Elemental is definitely viable. They are incredibly disruptive with their 12 second ranged kick, tremor totem, grounding totem, spammable slow, hex and lightning lasso. Oh and thunderstorm can also act as an extra interrupt.
BUT, after the latest round of azerite trait nerfs they are way more squishy than they used to be.
On the other hand if you line things up correctly you can almost oneshot people. Especially if you play with a disc priest. Sync up skyfury and dark arch angel and melt faces. =)

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