Elemental/Resto Shaman LF home

Hello All,

After playing in a guild that died after getting AotC in 10.0 I took a break from WoW.
But now in 10.1 Im looking to start playing again.

With some decent Mythic raiding experience without ever getting CE im looking for a guild that plays to get some mythic progression done. I prefer guilds that raid on Friday+ Tuesday/Thursday/Sundays. Just so that i can offer a good attendance. Im willing to swap realms for the right fit.

My main has been an Elemental Shaman for the longest of times (with Resto Offspec), but i also played Mage/Lock and Monk in the past.

For more info feel free to send me a message on discord or bnet.
Discord: Ysaria#7593
Bnet: Ysaria#2372

Hi Shysaria,

I don’t know if you have found a home yet, and while we are not offering Mythic raiding progression right now, we do offer a warm and welcoming environment, Friday night raids (currently 7/9N Aberrus) and Monday night Mythic+ fun.

We are a friendly casual PvE focussed English speaking guild on Darkmoon-Faire-EU, a small group of friends who enjoy a relaxed death of a dragon every now and then. We value fun over everything else and if you’re looking for a more relaxed, slower pace of gameplay, then add me on Discord (StinkyMike#8078) and we can chat more.

I understand if we are not what you’re looking for.

Thank you for your time.

Hey Shysaria!

We are open to most people joining us and offer both raid and m+ progression. We might not be hardcore, but we enjoy what we do. are a mix guild with people with different nationalities and humor. So, people tend to joke a lotxD

Other than that we play others games aswell so we mix different games from time to time to cool off etc.

We raid sundays and tuesdays and other dates from time to time gets voted if the majority is looking for a different rad schedule, so we are open minded in that sense

So looking forward to seeing you if ever you find interest

Heyy i Added you, we are newly formed Guild with 9/9 hc raid, some have mythic bosses downed to. we are recruiting for hc and mythic runs.

Add: Holleholle#4302 disord or Holle#2971 ingame