Elixir of Tongues Price Too high

I googled.

it will let us speak with enemy faction

That’s the Vanilla version, which was [removed long ago] never actually added to the game. This is a new one Ion just promised to deliver over the weekend or next week a few hours ago.

The item is based off an old vanilla potion that never made it to game as confirmed by the devs. It now has a use so it’s the same thing :smiley:

Oh wow. It seems so. Wowhead comments popping up!

But still, why would anyone need so many?

As for why we need so many RPers go through a lot of them. We have events/campaigns and the like that can go on for 5-6 hours + camp RP + everything else over a week

In addition most of us share our supplies with people who forget to pick them up or don’t know what they are.

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If Ion promised it I’d urge you not to get your hopes up.
Just look at the enhancement changes they were talking about 6 months ago.

The items already in game. It’s available in Dalaran.

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With the WoW economy right now, even 5.2k is minuscule.

28g per potion is really nothing considering they last 1 hour. A stack of 200 is enough cross faction RP for 8 days straight.

Even the average RP probably does enough old content to make way more than 5k.

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This is unexpectedly fast, but props to Blizzard, if something it’s easy to fix they’ll fix it :smile:

Just let everyone be able to speak Common / Orcish already…

Barring cross faction communication is pointless anyway…

We already have Demon Hunters who can speak to each other in Demonic and Void Elves and Blood Elves can communicate in Thalassian…

In addition to that, there should be plenty of Blood Elves who speak Common anyway as Quel’Thalas was in the Alliance before…

And every Forsaken should be able to speak Common for obvious reasons.


Was this comment aimed towards me? Am I Shakebolts? O.o

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tbh that was my first thought too, had to double check the name. :joy:

I had to re-read the name a few times, and I have a feeling it’s aimed towards me xD. I’ve never seen someone called “Shakebolts”, and since you were also named within the comment, I just thought I’d take a stab at it and see if it is lmao.

200 hours of use for 5k seems pretty cheap to me.

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While I agree that an item made solely for RP should be free basically because the addon you used to do all of this and more was free you’re vastly overexxareting here.

There’s only 168 hours in a week total, substracting an average of 7 hours of sleep per day you’re left with 119 hours. Then taking half of your waking hours that you would at most realistically be RP’ing in WoW (not even counting the variable work hours) we’re left with 60 hours.

So you’re realistically looking at 60 x 28g = ~1,7k gold per week used on these, give or take unknown variables.

Paying more than nothing for less than what you had is irritating understandably but stop talking nonsense.

If you want to talk to the other faction that much, then I suggest you roll Alliance… And perhaps try to sleep/eat/go outside, etc.


Ahahah my dementia is taking control :joy::rofl::joy: but at least I’ve got half of it… gimme credit for that.

Yeah, but, I’m a Gnome… I thought the “Short” part would be easier to remember than the “Bolts” part :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you asking blizzard… to forcefully change the player set market value of items?..

Or am I missing something here…

This better be a joke…

OP isn’t asking Blizzard to forcefully change AH value of an item. Elixir of Tongues is sold by a vendor, not crafted by players.